Cat Hair Leads To Downfall Of Woman That Mailed Explosives To Obama

Julia Poff​, a 46-year-old resident ​of Houston​, is in a world of trouble. That’s because she felt the need to mail booby-trapped ​packages​ to former President Barack Obama, Gov. Greg Abbott​ (R-TX), and Social Security Administration Commissioner Carolyn Colvin​. While that’s pretty amazing in and of itself, the way that she was tracked down is all the more stunning.

As the New York Post shares, cat hair that was found in one of the packages was able to be traced back to her. Security screeners were able to intercept the packages that were intended for Obama and Colvin, but the one meant for Abbott was actually delivered and opened. Thankfully, that package didn’t detonate. Investigators were able to trace the shipping labels back to Poff, and hair found inside the contraption she put together was traced to one of her cats to confirm she was the responsible party.

Poff was arrested, and court documents indicate she’s facing a number of charges, including "injurious articles," "transportation of explosives with intent to kill and injure," "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program fraud" and "false declaration in bankruptcy."

A rather interesting back and forth took place in court during a hearing on the serious charges against her.

"It means it's booby-trapped. It means that the victim that opens the package has to take certain action for it to detonate," noted an investigator that was being questioned by a federal prosecutor.

"Who was it addressed to?" the prosecutor queried.

"It was addressed to Governor Abbott," replied the investigator.

"And tell the court who opened the package," the prosecutor continued.

"Governor Abbott opened the package," replied the investigator said.

While Abbott wasn’t injured, the investigator explained what could have happened if Poff’s device had worked.

"A very large flash that could induce severe burns and lots of severe injury and possibly death," the investigator explained.

So why on earth would she do such a thing?

"She was upset that child support and/or the arrest of her ex-husband wasn't being conducted the way she thought it should be," the investigator noted. "Through interviews with other witnesses, she did not like him."

The seriousness of the charges against her don’t appear to be enough to have knocked any sense into her, as the investigator noted she has been acting rather squirrelly since charges were brought against her.

"We learned that afterward she was trying to identify witnesses in the grand jury and determine what questions had been asked," he continued, later noting that she took to social media to claim she was being framed. "Julia posted on the group, 'If the FBI tries to contact anyone, don't talk to them and let me know you've been contacted.'"

Her trial is slated to begin in January, and she will remain in custody until then. That sounds like the right call, as there’s no telling what she would do at this point. No word on what kind of sentence she’s facing, but we’ll hold out hope that it’s a rather lengthy one.

Source: New York Post
Photo: YouTube

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