Car Dealership Posts Sign Asking People Not To Donate To Panhandler - Here's Why

Employees at a Michigan car dealership noticed an older man and a boy, thought to be his son, had been out on the road near their place of business a lot lately. Every day for the last year or so, the duo was on the street begging for money.

The dealership employees decided to do a kindness and offered the man a job. The man scoffed at them and told them he makes more than they do.

The Brighton Honda dealership employees say that the man was out on the same street every day for a year with a sign that read, "Homeless, please help."

So, they wanted to help. Managers offered the 'homeless' man a full-time job working $10 per hour.

The man reportedly told them, "I make more than any of you."

Felicia Tubbs, who works across the street at the Shell Gas Station, noticed that the dealership put a sign on one of the cars. It was a public service announcement.

The sign read, "Please do not give anything to this panhandler. We offered him a full-time job at $10 per hour. He said, 'I make more than any of you,' and he did not want the job. Please donate to a more worthy cause."

Someone snapped a photo of the sign and put it on social media. It went viral. The dealership began getting too much attention and took the sign down. The homeless man is still begging on the corner though, irritating the hard-working locals who know the true story.

"I don't like them standing there. No one else does, either. I think it's great that the dealership put some effort into trying to get rid of them," said Tubbs to WDIV.

"It's a scam," said Dan Golem, another resident of the area. "People like me, people like you, we're working trying to provide for our families, and they're just standing there."

Police finally showed up and arrested the panhandlers for vagrancy and disorderly conduct. The older man had been drinking, spotted the sign and was furious over it.

A short time after they were arrested, the two were back on the same corner asking for money again.

The men had a new sign: "You can't afford a one-bedroom apartment on $10 per hour," and, "The median income in Livingston County is $70,000."

Panhandlers have been getting busted left and right thanks to social media and the fact that everyone has a camera these days. One pregnant panhandler who drew big cash from getting sympathy outside shopping centers in California was spotted driving off in a Mercedes Benz.

When she saw the person with the camera filming her, she attacked them with a large rock.

In New York City, one panhandler who spends his days outside Grand Central Terminal with his dog says he makes $200 per hour.

An Oklahoma City man told police it would be ridiculous for him to get a job, because he made $60,000 last year just by begging on corners with a sign.

Some argue that the ‘wealthy panhandler’ rumors are mostly just that—rumors. The majority of panhandlers are down on their luck and struggling to survive.

But there are indeed those people out there who are trying to milk the system. The next time you hand a stranger money, keep in mind, they might just be milking you.

Source: AOL
Photos: WLNS Screenshot, WHMI/Facebook, Deadline Detroit

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