Social Media Quick To Think Man's Cheating At Baseball Game, But He's With His Wife

Fan footage at sporting events can often be quite interesting, and even quite revealing.

If you're being unfaithful to your spouse, it's a good idea to try and lay low. Most cheaters will sneak around in seedy, out-of-the-way hotels, or lurk around in dark restaurants and movie theaters in an attempt to not be spotted by someone they know.

Unfortunately, some cheaters just aren't that smart.

One video depicting a couple of cheaters was initially posted to Reddit and has since gone viral. A man and his mistress attended the Red Sox/Indians game in Cleveland on August 23.

They probably thought they wouldn't be noticed in the crowd, but they thought wrong. The fan cam zoomed in on the couple as they watched the game.

The man had his arm around his mistress, but as soon as she noticed they were being featured on the big screen, she whispers to him, "Get off."

At least, that's the story Reddit readers believe.

It turns out the couple is married, but to each other, according to iHeartRadio.

It is still unclear why the man withdrew his arm and quickly and turned away when he noticed the camera. The woman turned aside as well. But many online were quick to judge them as cheaters.

"The funny part is once you've been seen with the arm on her what does taking it off do except to make you both look even guiltier?" said one person in the comment section.

"Look at how anxious she looks too," another commenter said. "People who are calm and not worried don't do [what] she's doing with her hands. She looks like she's worried she's about to be caught."

It seems that are other actual cheaters caught in sports arena. At a Houston Rockets game, a man and a woman were walking through the stadium when they quickly noticed an NBC news camera was filming the crowd.

The stunned couple stopped, looked at each other in horror, then ran in two different directions.

The couple might not have not gotten much notice at all if they hadn't panicked. When sports news fans spotted the couple's embarrassing reaction to noticing the camera, the clip was posted on the internet and went viral.

Like the first couple, the obvious over-reaction only increased the chance of the cheaters getting caught. If you're going to commit adultery and find yourself on television with the wrong person, you should probably try not to draw attention to yourself at that point.

In China, one cheating couple were spotted on television in a crowd at a game as the camera panned across the stands. For that couple, things ended very badly. The cheating husband's in-laws were watching the game, and immediately recognized their son-in-law.

The wife was quickly informed, and she ran to the stadium with her mother. As the crowds exited, the wife and mother found the adulterers and began beating and dragging the mistress by her hair.

The cowardly husband ran away while his spouse was pre-occupied with his mistress.

Source: Crave, iHeartRadio
Photos: YouTube, Reddit, Imgur

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