Caitlyn Jenner Says She Knew O.J. Was Guilty, But O.J. Was Quick To Throw Shade

Caitlyn Jenner has been very vocal about her opinion on whether O.J. Simpson got away with murder. In her book, she mentioned how she, Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian all believed O.J. was the real killer of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, and in a recent interview she reiterated this belief.

O.J., when asked about Caitlyn's accusations, dodged the question and made fun of the trans woman instead.

In her book, "The Secrets of My Life," Caitlyn Jenner explains that she and her ex-wife (from before her transition, when she was still living as Bruce) both believed Nicole and Goldman were killed by O.J.

Kris and her former husband, Robert Kardashian, were best friends with O.J. and Nicole. By the time O.J.'s murder trial rolled around, Kris was married to Jenner, and Kardashian went on to join his best friend's 'dream team' of lawyers to defend him in court.

In a later interview with Barbara Walters, Kardashian admitted he wasn't sure at the time, but he thought O.J. did get away with murder. Kris always believed that O.J. was the killer, according to Caitlyn.

“We pretty much knew he was guilty right from the beginning, but the whole thing was, ‘Is he going to get away with it?’” Caitlyn said on the Australian radio show 'Kyle and Jackie O Show' on Monday.

According to Caitlyn, Nicole called Kris just weeks before her death. “He says he’s going to kill me and get away with it because he’s OJ Simpson,” Nicole told Kris, Caitlyn says.

Jenner says they were in the office of prosecuting attorney, Marcia Clark, when the verdict came in. They were shocked when O.J. was acquitted.

“You know, we should have listened to Nicole, she was right from the beginning,” Kris said to Jenner at the time.

Simpson didn't entirely escape punishment. He ended up being found guilty in a robbery in 2007 and was sentenced to the maximum for each count. On October 1, he was released on parole and has been living in Las Vegas ever since.

A TMZ reporter caught up to O.J. to ask him about what he thought of Caitlyn's comments. "I don't know Caitlyn, I never met Caitlyn," he said. "As far as Bruce is concerned, I really didn't know him that well."

"If he wanna choose to live his life out as an old lady instead of an old man, women live longer," O.J. chuckled. "He might be on to something."

O.J. also noted that he was loving his life in Vegas, where people are too busy having fun to worry about other peoples' business.

Caitlyn says O.J. did get away with murder to some extent, but not entirely. He has paid some of the price. “You know, his life has been ruined — which is good. I don’t think he is a threat to society (anymore). I don’t know. Who knows? I’ve never, ever talked to him, nor do I want to.”

Source: TMZ, NY Daily News
Photos: YouTube, ABC/Image Group LA, Peter K. Levy/Wikimedia, Charles LeBlanc/Flickr, Web Summit/Flickr

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