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Business's Anti-White Supremacy Sign Draws Ire From Locals

A family-owned farm in Virginia posted a roadside sign on their property that takes a stand. While some think it's inappropriate for the business to spout politics, the family feels that, with some issues, it's important to speak up.

They don't think they're getting too political, and they're standing behind their sign.

The sign in front of Cox Farms in Centreville, VA. The marquee is on the roadside, and the owners say usually they would use it to advertise when hanging baskets are for sale, when a new crop comes in, or when they're holding special events.

During the off-season, the family says, they sometimes use their signs to spread what they feel are important messages. The sign currently reads, in all capital letters, reads, "RESIST WHITE PREMACY."

The farm says they've gotten a lot of pushback from people over the sign, especially after it caught attention on social media. They're confused by why anyone would object to their messages.

"We’re not seeking to alienate folks who have different perspectives on tax reform or infrastructure spending," read a statement from Cox Farms on their Facebook page.

"But when it comes to speaking out against systems of oppression and injustice, we see it as our moral responsibility to use our position of privilege and power, along with the tools of our trade and the platforms available to us, to engage visibly and actively in the fight for justice. Our roadside sign messages are one small way we do this," the post continued.

The farm has been known to support Muslims, immigrants, and the Black Lives Matters movement in the past, though those signs were generally hung on the owners' private home.

"Cox Farms is a small family-owned and family-operated business. The five of us are not just business-owners; we are human beings, members of the community, and concerned citizens of this country. We are also a family, and our shared values and principles are central to our business," the Facebook page reads.

Just as the farm has gotten backlash, however, they've also found a lot of support.

"If you see a sign that says "resist white supremacy" and you first instinct is "well, I’m never shopping THERE again!", guess what? You’re part of the reason signs like that need to exist. You ARE the problem," said one person on Facebook.

"Thanks for standing on the right side of history," said another supporter.

"It is mind boggling that this sign is controversial. Anyone FOR white supremacists- er other than white supremacists and nazis themselves? Thank you Cox Farms for your decency, I will travel out of my way to give you my business!" said another.

But negative comments did come pouring in as well.

"So black supremacy is okay then? This is not a message of love, this is a message out to divide people even more. I would never ever visit your farm because you try to force your views on your customers. That is WRONG no matter what you say," said one person.

"Perhaps, if you want to encourage inclusiveness, you could suggest people try dissuading supremacists instead of being combative. It really comes down to whether you want to actually change minds or just posture," said another.

"Your original sign said "Rise and Resist". There is absolutely NOTHING "inclusive" about this," said another.

Source: KATU
Photo: KATU/Cox Farms, YouTube

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