Miami Woman May Face Charges For Killing Burglar

A Florida woman who lives in a high-crime area tries to protect herself and her possessions as best she can. She has an alarm system, she has a gun and she stays alert.

On Thursday, she thwarted a burglary in progress and shot the suspect once, and the shot proved fatal. Now, she may face charges.

Gwendolyn Jenrette, a 54-year-old Miami woman, was alerted by her burglar alarms on Thursday that someone had broken into her house. Jenrette's home, which backs up to railroad tracks in a high-crime area, has been targeted by thugs before.

She keeps cameras and security alarms, as well as a firearm to protect herself.

With the alarm, the police had already been alerted, but Jenrette returned to the house immediately. The police had not arrived yet and she spotted a male climbing out of her window.

She confronted him then shot him.

"She observed a subject exiting the home through the rear," Miami-Dade police spokesman Daniel Ferrin said. "At that point there was some type of a quick confrontation."

The suspect was identified as Trevon Johnson, a 17-year-old repeat offender. He was taken to a trauma center but eventually died of the gunshot wound.

Police are now deciding whether or not to charge Jenrette in the shooting. The question is whether she had the right to shoot Johnson, even though he was allegedly already fleeing the home.

“Police say this would-be robber chose the wrong home because this homeowner did more than just call the cops,” said WSVN’s Brandon Beyer in a report. “She had a gun.”

Because of Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' laws, Jenrette may have had a right to use deadly force to protect herself and her property.

Johnson's family doesn't see it that way. His cousin Nautika Harris, tells CBS Miami that Jenrette went 'way beyond' reasonable self-defense, even if Johnson was committing a crime and even if the woman had a license to carry a firearm.

"You have to look at it from every child's point of view that was raised in the hood. You have to understand how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point of view," said the cousin.

The family is not looking at it from the point of view of Jenrette, also living in 'the hood', struggling to make ends meet and warding off criminals, worrying about a thug stealing her property.

Because Jenrette is also black, groups like Black Lives Matter will not likely be swooping in to hold any demonstrations. Some have used the incident to once again criticize Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.

Sunshine State attorney Jeff Weiner says that Jenrette will likely not face any penalties for her actions. "Most claims of self-defense in Florida have a good chance of success," he wrote about the case on his website.

Maybe the bigger problem in this case is that there is still a pervasive mentality that a young man needs to ‘get his money’ by stealing rather than earning it.

Source: Washington Post
Photo: YouTube

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