Residents Horrified By Stream Of Bugs Crawling Out Of Manholes

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania neighborhood is being invaded by thousands of unwelcome guests. According to locals in the Bridesburg section, on Sunday night, thousands of cockroaches started crawling out of the manhole on the corner of Salmon and Plum streets.

Many people are trying to stem the flow of insects, wondering when it will stop.

Neighbors were shocked when they noticed thousands of roaches rushing up into the streets from the manhole. There were so many at one point that one local says she couldn't even see the ground.

"When I tell you thousands of them, there were thousands of them," Pat Wall said to NBC10 Monday. "When I tell you all the neighbors down this end were out here spraying and stomping, it was a horror story that I couldn't believe I was living."

"And they were flying all over," Wall added. "Never had to duck a flying roach."

"I couldn't believe I woke up dreaming about a roach, that's how bad it was," said another local, Tommy Cranston.

"They were coming out of the manhole cover over there, that little slit. But they were pumping out. Did you ever see that movie Creep Show? It was something to behold," Cranston said.

For many people, the scene is like something straight out of a horror movie. The city is trying to figure out why there are so many roaches rushing out of the sewers. Some speculate that the hoard may have swarmed that way due to heavy rains from the storms forcing them to flee in that direction.

Others speculate that stuck trash or debris in the sewers could have simply given them an ideal breeding ground in the hot, humid summer months.

"Unfortunately, roaches live in sewers," said Philadelphia Water Department's John DiGiulio.

The city has taken action by sending a crew to the manhole and vacuuming it out with a mobile vacuum truck known as a VACTOR. They did their best to remove any discarded food or trash that the insects would use for nesting. They also placed bait in the sewers in hopes it will help contain their reproduction.

Roaches reproduce asexually at an alarmingly high rate; they're born pregnant and will lay thousands of eggs during their natural lifetime. Disgusting as they are, they're a miracle of evolution.

Residents, in the meantime, are trying to defend their homes and businesses. People have been out in the streets stomping wildly and spraying bug spray at them, hoping to contain the disaster.

"Everybody is out here with spray cans spraying bugs," said Paul Basfort, another resident. "They were stomping them and they were running right out of there."

"When the going gets tough, they're out here," said Wall. "I was super proud of everybody the way they pitched in."

"They were spraying them with spray and then stomping them, then spraying them and stomping them before they went into people's houses," said Sandra Schwinger.



Source: NBC Philadelphia, Yahoo
Photos: YouTube, NBC 10, Pixabay

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