Boy Suffers From Night Terrors - Then He Tells His Mom This Isn’t His First Life

One little boy would wake up every night hysterical. His mother worried and wondered what was causing her son's screaming and crying. She was shocked, however, when he told her a story about a previous life.

Cyndi would run to Ryan's room to comfort him. The five-year-old had been suffering from nightmares for a while, and the mother couldn't imagine what might have been causing them. Then Ryan decided to confide in his mother.

"Mom, I have to tell you something,” he said. “I used to be somebody else.”

Ryan told his mother he was a man who died 50 years ago. He told her he had two sisters, had been married five times, and he even told her what his favorite brands of soft drinks had been in his previous life. Apparently, he was crazy about 'Tru-Ade', a beverage not many people remember because it was discontinued decades ago.

Cyndi didn't believe in reincarnation and wasn't comfortable with Ryan's story, or with the tone of voice and look on his face with which he told it. She got chills and decided to keep the story a secret—she didn't even tell her husband.

One day Ryan and Cyndi were flipping through a book about Hollywood during its 'golden era'. She came to a black-and-white still shot of a Mae West film and Ryan pointed to a man in the frame. He told his mother that's who he used to be.

Cyndi did some research and found out the man was movie extra Marty Martyn. He quit acting eventually and became an agent. No one in the midwestern family ever heard of him. She can't imagine how Ryan would have known that Martyn has two sisters, had been married five times, and—yup—loved Tru-Ade.

Is this proof of reincarnation? Stranger things have happened... or have they?

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

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