Boy Offers To Mow White House Lawn - Here Was President's Response

One little boy desperately wanted to do something simple in an extraordinary place. While President Trump has many critics, his decision to grant that little boy’s wish has earned him a big fan.

The Independent Journal Review reported that on Friday, an 11-year-old identified only as “Frank” will assist U.S. Park Service employees when they mow part of the White House lawn. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Wednesday that the president had accepted the boy’s offer to lend a hand.

“He’ll work with the groundskeeping crew here at the White House and will help cut the grass in the Rose Garden,” the spokeswoman said. “The president is committed to keeping the American dream alive for kids like Frank and we’re all looking forward to having him here.”

During a news media briefing on Aug. 2, Sanders told reporters about the letter and read it out loud. “It would be my honor to mow the White House lawn some weekend for you,” Frank wrote.

“Even though I’m only ten, I would like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for. I admire your business background and have started my business."

"I have been mowing my neighbors’ lawns for some time. Please see the attached flier," he wrote.

"Here’s a list of what I have and you are free to pick whatever you want: power mower, push mower and weed whacker. I can bring extra fuel for the power mower and charged batteries for the weed whacker."

He added, "I will do this at no charge.”

According to WJLA, an ABC News affiliate, the boy is from Falls Church, Va. He has had his 11th birthday since writing to the White House.

Sanders said that when she showed the letter to Trump, he instructed her to invite the boy for a visit. She recalled that the president suggested Frank could learn “how the U.S. Park Service maintains the 18 acres of the White House complex.”

ABC News noted that First Lady Ellen Axson Wilson, wife of President Woodrow Wilson, oversaw the initial development of the Rose Garden. The site, also known as the President’s Garden, underwent a major renovation and expansion in the early 1950s.

The property looked much different before 1902. “There were extensive stables, housing horses and coaches, located on the grounds of the present-day Oval Office, Cabinet Room and Rose Garden,” according to the White House Museum’s website.

“During the 1902 Roosevelt renovation, First Lady Edith Roosevelt insisted on a proper colonial garden to help replace the conservatory rose house that had stood here."

“The Rose Garden is based on a traditional 18th century American garden. The current design of the garden dates to the Kennedy administration."

"President and Mrs. Kennedy were interested in having horticultural features that followed the traditions of Presidents Washington and Jefferson."

"The West Garden has been called the Rose Garden since 1913, when Mrs. Ellen Wilson replaced the existing colonial garden with a formal rose garden. The Rose Garden features a rectangular grass panel surrounded by flower beds and crabapple trees."

"The garden is steps from the Oval Office and is the stage for numerous receptions, bill signings and media events annually.”

Source: Independent Journal Review, WJLA
Photo: Fox5, Twitter

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