Heroic Little Boy Uses Some Quick Thinking To Save His Mother’s Life

Katelyn Cicalese is lucky to be alive right now, and she has her five-year-old son to thank for it. She passed out in the shower after having a seizure, and her son went to check on her after he heard the thud. He would go get some help from that point, but not before making sure his two-month-old sister was taken care of.

As the Daily Mail shares, the amazing little boy’s name is Salvatore, and the scary incident took place at the family’s home in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Katelyn had just put her two children down to bed for the evening when she decided to hop in the shower.

She wound up having a seizure and collapsing in the tub, all while the water was running.

Salvatore heard a noise, so he went to check on his mom to make sure everything was alright. When he saw that she was passed out in the tub, he would amazingly keep his cool - but he did think his mother had passed away.

He went back into his bedroom and wrapped his sister up in a blanket, and he would place her on the couch.

From that point, he was able to open the garage door with the assistance of a kitchen stool that he dragged with him. He went back into his house and grabbed his sister, and he went to neighbor Jessica Penoyer’s house.

She was pretty stunned to see her young neighbor on her doorstep at night, but she quickly realized there was a problem.

"He said, 'No, my mom died in the shower. Can you take care of us?'" she recalls.

The neighbor would get some help from that point, and she headed over to the family’s home to see what was going on. She found Katelyn passed out in the shower, and first responders were soon on the scene.

Mom has made a full recovery, and she knows there’s no way it would have happened without her little man.

“Honestly, he saved my life. I was under the faucet. If he wouldn't have gotten help, I would have drowned,” she said.

As for Salvatore, he’s rightfully being lauded as a hero for his amazing actions. Getting to the neighbor’s house is amazing enough, but having the presence of mind to tend to his baby sister while doing so is incredible.

The Rural Metro Fire Department has honored him for his bravery, and that came complete with a fire truck heading over to his house and department spokesperson Shawn Gilleland presenting him with some awesome stuff, including an honorary firefighter certificate, a helmet, a patch, and a shirt.

Sounds like a day that Salvatore will never forget. The family has a whole host of memories to look back on fondly as a result of this incident, and it sounds like Salvatore’s little sister has a big brother that will always look out for her - and his mom knows that he always has her back as well.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: ABC15 Screenshots

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