Boy Jumped By Bully After Getting Off School Bus, Attacker Leaves Him With Disgusting 'Surprise'

Parents in Murfreesboro, Tennessee have been absolutely stunned by a shocking incident at an area school bus stop that was captured on camera. As Fox 17 reports, one of the students was jumped from behind and brutally assaulted.

The victim’s father, identified as John, explains that his son was jumped as he got off the bus and got the absolute daylights beaten out of him. The suspect brutally beat his son, curb stomped him, and whipped him with his own belt for good measure. This all occurred right at a bus stop in the neighborhood - in broad daylight and with plenty of witnesses.

"He was kicked in the head and suffered a concussion, he does not remember the attack to this day," John said.

The suspect, 18-year-old Mickal Ladd, was arrested and plead guilty to the assault, and it doesn’t sound like he put up much of a fight about it. It’s believed that the incident started at Riverdale High School, and it stems from the fact that the victim is friends with Ladd’s girlfriend. No word on whether Ladd’s girlfriend is standing by her man now that he has a record.

"Riverdale High is a very violent place, I hope they can get control because this is kind of where it started," John continued.

John is now homeschooling his son instead of sending him back. The family decided to go public with their story and share the shocking video in hopes that they will bring attention to what they feel is a huge problem for the community.

"Some of the students are afraid to talk about that because they're intimidated by those guys," the victim’s mother added.

Ladd is behind bars and awaiting sentencing, but that’s of little solace to the victim’s family.

"When we see no remorse in his face... it worries me about the community," the mom continued.

Source: Fox 17
Photo: Mad World News

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