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12-Year-Old Arrested After Lighting Her Little Brother On Fire

Angst between siblings is not a foreign concept, but there are times when the drama gets kicked up several notches. In a perfect world, that leads to nothing more than hurt feelings and silly grudges that you’ll be able to look back on and laugh about at some point in time.

Unfortunately, our world is not perfect, and there are times when things get seriously out of hand. That’s one of the takeaways from this disturbing story that has emanated out of the state of Alabama.

As the Daily Mail shares, a 12-year-old girl has been arrested for a horrific assault on her 10-year-old little brother. This wasn’t a case of fisticuffs getting out of hand either, as the girl inflicted some major damage on her younger sibling by lighting him on fire.

Yes, seriously. Reports indicate that the girl took a bottle of hair spray and sprayed her brother with it on his back, and she would then break out a lighter to start the fire.

A family member was home at the time of the shocking incident, and the boy was rushed to Southeast Alabama Medical Center. Police were dispatched soon thereafter, and the girl was arrested and charged with first-degree assault.

The boy is expected to make a complete recovery, but he sustained what have been described as ‘serious burns’ to his back and arms.

After processing, the girl was released into her parents’ custody. According to Investigator James Harvey, that’s due to her age and 'mandatory guidelines and safety plans that must be followed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources'.

Rules are rules, but this seems like a curious decision to say the least. The girl has proven that she’s quite dangerous.

While speculation is always a dangerous game to play, there could be some mental problems in play here that could lead to additional troubles. At a minimum, she needs some serious supervision until the case heads to court.

"At a later date she will go before the Houston County Juvenile Courts," Harvey added.

At a later date is an awfully vague timetable. While it’s clear there are children involved here, the fact remains that a horrifying assault occurred.

The case needs to be expedited, and the girl should be remanded to get some help to get to the bottom of things. Motive for the incident remains unclear, but there’s obviously no justification for such an act.

There are a ton of unanswered questions relating to the case. Had the girl shown any concerning behavior prior to the incident? Did the siblings have a strained relationship? Are there other problems on the homefront that haven’t been revealed?

We’ll have to wait and see if any additional details emerge between now and that ‘later date,’ but it sounds like there’s a whole lot more to this disturbing story. Answers will come out at some point, and we’ll hope that the authorities in Alabama get a little pep in their step to ensure the case is handled in a timely fashion.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Google, akz/123RF Stock Photo, MaxPixel, U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Mike Meares

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