Black Spots On Toddler Shocks Doctor, Key To Uncovering Grandma's Dark Secret

A woman Texas is not winning any grandmother of the year awards; instead, she'll probably be behind bars for the rest of her life. After her 2-year-old grandson was injured at her own hand, she refused to take the little boy to a hospital. She tried to treat the injuries at home until it was too late.

Patricia Flores, 44, recently had her grandchildren placed with her after her daughter had some run-ins with Child Protective Services. While in Flores' care, Lyfe "Gabe" Flores, age two, sustained terrible scalding burns.

After sustaining the burns, Flores treated her grandson at home. The poor young boy was in agony for a week. When his eyes rolled back into his head, she finally called for help.

At first, in a 911 call, Flores told the operator that the boy was having trouble breathing. "He's heaving really bad. His eyes are rolling back," she said.

In a second call, she told the operator, ‘a couple of days ago, he burned himself’.

At first, Flores told authorities that Gabe had climbed into a mop bucket of scalding hot water. Police don't believe the child's injuries were an accident however. In addition to the burns, the toddler suffered from a number of bruises, knots on the back of his head and missing teeth. He had gone into shock from the severity of his injuries.

It was neglecting to get help in time that ultimately resulted in little Gabe's death. The grandmother eventually admitted to the abuse, and that Gabe had actually been suffering from the injuries at home for six whole days.

"The fact that she waited so long and the injuries were so severe, and so obviously severe ... it seems highly unlikely that it was an accidental case," said spokesman Matt Spillane.

Flores pleaded guilty to murder, and a judge sentenced her to 57 years.

"She doesn't deserve to walk among us," said the Tarrant County prosecutor.

Source: Dallas News
Photo: Mad World News

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