Apartment Management Company Empties Out Home of Veteran While He Was Being Treated for Pneumonia

A World War II veteran was in an assisted living facility recuperating from a bout of pneumonia. While he was gone, the apartment complex cleared out his home, leaving nothing behind but his war uniform. His family is outraged, especially since they say they paid two months’ rent in advance for him.

Ilya Levin's family went to his apartment on Monday to check in, and they discovered that all of the 95-year-old man's worldly belongings were missing. The entire apartment had been cleared out and cleaned up. It wasn’t a robbery that occurred, but an eviction.

It turns out the apartment complex had thrown all of the man's belongings away while he was gone. They didn’t realize that Levin, a long-time tenant of the complex, would be returning. There was only one thing left behind: his war uniform.

The Boston man had been away from his apartment for three weeks while battling pneumonia. Since pneumonia can be a very serious condition, especially for someone Levin’s age. While he was rooming at a nearby facility getting the care he needed to heal, the apartment complex management assumed he was gone for good. Someone gave the go-ahead for the residence to be emptied out, and the man’s entire life was put into the trash.

The family said they paid Mr. Levin's rent in advance so they don't understand how such a terrible oversight happened. The housing authority management company said they made a terrible mistake, but thus far hasn’t made any statements about the incident.

Levin's son, Alex, says he's shaking at the thought of telling his father about what happened. Levin, who isn’t completely out of the woods yet, doesn’t know that he’s been cleaned out. Alex says he’s afraid of how it might affect the veteran.

The elder Mr. Levin had been living at the apartment for 25 years and his whole life was in that apartment. All of his furniture is gone. His clothes have been put in the trash. All his valuables, such as jewelry, even his wedding band, are gone. Even a safe that was affixed to a closet floor had been pried out and removed.

Possibly worst of all, Mr. Levin’s memories are gone, too. He’s lost a lifetime worth of irreplaceable family photos, heirlooms and memorabilia.

People on Facebook were furious when WJAR NBC-10 ran the story.

"Hopefully, they will pull out their wallet and replace his belongings (whatever is replaceable) so tire of their ‘slumlords that are only in it for the rent $$$. Business is business, but this is a clear picture of a complete disconnect with their residents!" said one person.

"We will never do enough for our Veterans. So sad. They give or gave it all for us. It's all about the buck," said another.

"Prayers he gets all his things back & replaced! Should never have happened. Never," said one commenter.

"They [the rental company] will delay any lawsuit, in hope's the plaintiff dies first,” said another.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's office is investigating the situation. Someone is going to be held accountable for the terrible oversight. The Levin family has hired an attorney.

Source: WCVB
Photos: WCVB Screenshot

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