Amorous Couple Caught On Camera Committing 'Lewd Sex Act' In Restaurant Booth

When love is in the air, there’s just no stopping it. Of course, that heartwarming sentiment does not translate into a green light for couples to do as they wish wherever they wish to do it.

You see, there’s a little thing known as common decency that prevents most couples from getting out of hand while out in public. Unfortunately, there are some couples that just love to push the envelope in that regard, and there’s even some that incinerate that proverbial envelope beyond recognition.

Exactly what pushes the envelope too far is open to interpretation, but there’s a pretty simple rule of thumb that can be followed. When a couple is feeling a little frisky - like say on the PG side - that may lead others around them to think “oh, what a cute couple in love.”

On the other hand, a couple that crosses the line into behavior one would expect to find in a film that’s rated NC-17 or worse, the thoughts will be much different. Here’s a situation that definitely falls into the latter category.

As the New York Post shares, a couple was out to eat at a restaurant named Times Square in Glasgow, Scotland. There’s no word on what the couple ordered, but it’s quite clear that other things popped into their minds while they were sitting in the restaurant booth.

Let’s just say that they were going to take care of their desires right then and there - witnesses be damned. A former employee of the restaurant has uploaded a clip of what the couple was up to, and he’s sparked quite a reaction by doing so.

“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever thrown someone out for?” the former employee wrote. “For context, this is a restaurant on a weekday at about seven.”

The footage appears to come from a security camera in the restaurant. The male half of the couple gets himself nice and comfy in the booth and leans back, and that was apparently all the inspiration that the woman that he was with needed.

She proceeds to perform oral sex on him - right there in the restaurant booth. An oblivious waitress can be seen walking by the couple, and it’s unclear if she caught on to what the frisky couple was up to.

The restaurant was reached for commentary but declined. Users that have viewed the clip have been more than happy to help fill in that void.

“Who said romance was dead?” shared one user.

“Fair play to them,” wrote another commenter.

“Glad to see my dad's taking the divorce well,” added a poster.

Laughs aside, this is rather eyebrow-raising - to say the least. While we don’t know the exact context of things outside of an estimate that it’s early evening on a weekday, there’s nothing to indicate that this is the type of establishment that condones such behavior from its guests.

We’ll give the couple the benefit of the doubt and assume the restaurant was empty when passion took over, but that’s as far as we’ll go. You really couldn’t grab the check and hightail it out of there to get to somewhere more appropriate?

They certainly could have, so we’re left to assume that they are the type that just loves the attention.

Source: New York Post
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Deadline News

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