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Amazing Teen Finds Outstanding Way To Pay Tribute To Fallen Police Officers

Anytime a police officer loses his or her life in the line of duty, there’s an outpouring of support to provide a small sense of solace for those that have lost a loved one. However, those not personally affected by the loss get to move on with their lives rather quickly.

The same can’t be said for the loved ones, whose lives are forever altered by the tragedy. That’s part of what inspired this amazing teenager to come up with a rather outstanding idea.

As Fox News Insider shares, Megan O'Grady has started Blue Line Bears, which provides families with an awesome remembrance of their loved one. Blue Line Bears crafts teddy bears using the uniforms of the fallen officers, and the bears are then given to the families.

We can only imagine that O’Grady’s stellar idea provides at least a small sense of comfort to the grieving families.

"It's like a physical way to hold the parent again," O'Grady explained on "Fox & Friends Weekend."

Buttons from the officers' uniforms are transformed into the eyes and nose of the teddy bears, and the badges and hash marks are sewn on as well. O’Grady’s father is a police sergeant, and she says she got the idea in the wake of the shooting of five police officers in Dallas last July.

That shooting rocked the nation, as it came in the midst of a rather contentious debate on officer-involved shootings. There were a number of high-profile cases that captivated the nation, and protests rang out on the regular.

A deranged person opened fire on officers in Dallas, and life was never the same for the families of the officers that lost their lives.

"It hit close to home for me," she noted.

Dallas was a little bit of a turning point, as it was a clear sign that the dangerous rhetoric that was going on in regards to officer-involved shootings was going way too far. While there’s plenty of fingers that can be pointed as to why that was the case, the bottom line is that the horrifying events amounted to a wake-up call.

Blue Line Bears has its own website and Facebook page, and donations are accepted to help offset the cost of the work involved. O’Grady’s father joined her on the show, and the proud dad noted that most folks "don't see the heart behind the badge."

Thankfully for dad, his daughter certainly does.

"We swore an oath ... like them or not we will protect them," he added.

Each and every day, brave men and women across the nation put on the uniform to protect and serve their community. As with any industry, we can’t say for certain that every officer is a person of the highest character that will always do the right thing.

However, we can with certainty that the overwhelming majority of officers will do just that. For that - and the fact that they take their lives into their hands in the line of duty - they deserve the respect of us all.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photos: YouTube, Action News Jax

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