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All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Throws Out Man Who Eats Too Much

A young man from Germany decided to put an all-you-can-eat place to the test by wolfing down about 100 plates of food. Apparently, he did find their limit.

The manager of the establishment threw him out saying that it was ‘bad for business’ for someone to eat that much at a buffet restaurant. He’s asked the man not to return.

Jaroslav Bobrowski, a regular customer at Running Sushi, an all-you-can-eat restaurant in Bavaria, has been asked not to come back because his appetite is getting too big. In a single sitting, Bobrowski has been able to down some 100 plates of sushi in an hour and a half, which is testing the restaurant’s tolerance.

For about $20 per sitting, the restaurant manager feels that they’re losing way to much money in the deal.

According to the Donaukurier, a local newspaper, the average customer eats about 25 plates of sushi in a sitting. Bobrowski started eating so many that waiters eventually stopped clearing the plates from his table.

They couldn’t help but notice that the customer, who came in on a weekly basis, was eating more and more in each sitting. The appetite increase forced them to finally tell him the kitchen is closed to him.

“We hate sending customers away, but in this case we had to, because sometimes there would be no more sushi left for other guests. We’re sorry!” one staff member said to the Donaukurier.

Bobrowski is not just an over-eater; he’s a hardcore athlete. He’s training for the Ironman triathlon, which involves a 4 mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, topped off by a full 26-mile marathon.

Because of his training, Bobrowski’s appetite continues to increase. It’s not surprising he can eat four times as much as the average customer with that kind of training.

Making matters worse, Bobrowski is on a special diet schedule. He doesn’t eat for 20 hours per day. When he finally does sit down to eat a meal, he eats until he is full. Apparently, by the time he sits down, after his work outs, he is quite famished.

The restaurant manager says it’s ‘not normal’.

When the Ironman triathlete found out that he had been banned from the restaurant, he went to Google and left a scathing review under the Running Sushi. Previously, the restaurant had stellar reviews.

Bobrowski’s review was so strong that the manager himself jumped on the website to offer an explanation in hopes that other customers would see it his way and not take it out on the restaurant.

“Dear Mr. Jaroslav, we are sorry that we had to ban you from our establishment, but you always eat for four to five people,” the manager explained.

Bobrowski got national attention from the media after the post came out, and his friends found the situation a riot. They have been calling to congratulate him and patting him on the back for getting himself banned from an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Even among hardcore athletes, that is not an easy feat.

Bobrowski has moved on to another all-you-can-eat sushi place, and they apparently tolerate the large amount of food he consumes. They did discreetly encourage him to drink more to help fill himself up, which he does order extra drinks. Now he can eat all he likes.

Source: Oddity Central
Photos: aplascencia/Pixabay, Jaroslav Bobrowski/Facebook, TripAdvisor

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