Alec Baldwin Attempts To Mock Trump - Doesn’t Realize One Big Detail

Celebrity Alec Baldwin has never held back when it comes to his dislike for President Elect Donald Trump. Baldwin endorsed Trump's opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and threw a tantrum when NBC wouldn't officially let 'Saturday Night Live' openly endorse the candidate. He's lately been spotted wearing a red cap, but if you thought Baldwin had a change of heart, you'd be wrong.

Baldwin posted a selfie to Instagram wearing the well-known red cap that has become the leading fashion for Trump supporters. Only instead of Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again," the writing on Baldwin's hat is in Russian.

Baldwin's hat translates literally to, "Do Americas Great Again.”

Many have taken jabs at Trump for not being critical or hostile to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the election. Democrats are going so far as to accuse Putin of fixing the election, even though US Intelligence reports say there's no evidence of it. The attempt to paint Trump's win as a result of Russia's interference has become something of a Democratic Party trend. Baldwin plays Trump on SNL skits in which he kisses and fawns over Putin.

In addition to wearing the mocking hat, Baldwin continues to mock and criticize Trump on Twitter. From 'release your tax returns' challenges to retweeting articles comparing Trump to Benito Mussolini, Baldwin is endlessly getting in his digs. It’s hard to tell if he really hates Trump that much, or if he’s just gleeful that he has at least 4 more years of material to work with.

Source: Buzzfeed
Photo: Instagram/Buzzfeed

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