Adam Driver, Actor And Former Marine, Just Nailed It While Helping A Fellow Vet

There are all kinds of stories out there about celebs behaving badly, and that’s especially true in the current political environment. There have been a countless number of instances in which multiple celebrities have used some incredibly questionable judgement while attempting to make a political point. Based on that, it can be pretty easy to feel as if the entire entertainment establishment is just incredibly out of touch.

That’s not the case, and there are plenty of good eggs in the bunch. Adam Driver, an actor in the new ‘Star Wars’ franchise, falls into that category. Driver is a military vet whose time in the service came to an unceremonious end when he suffered a crushed sternum during a biking accident. Though his time in the service was shorter than he hoped, the military holds a special place in his heart. Driver goes out of his way to give back to veterans, and he recently demonstrated that in an amazing way.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, Driver teamed up with Budweiser and Folds of Honor to pay a special visit to a veteran that also suffered an injury that brought an end to his military career.

“The veteran, John Williams, wasn't ever able to join his buddies in Desert Storm. The reason: He injured his back during a training exercise. His spine is held together by two steel rods and six screws,” IJR reports. “Williams is in constant pain, and even though it's been decades since Desert Storm, he still feels guilt for not being able to deploy. To this day, his family struggles to get by too.”

That’s awesome enough in and of itself that Driver and company would pay Williams a visit, but this wasn’t just a meet and greet. Williams's daughter Hayley is a student pursuing a degree in nursing, and she had reached out to Folds of Honor in hopes of being considered for a scholarship. Driver and company would do her one better.

“The family never expected Driver to pull up to their home and walk into their house. Driver didn't just give Hayley the scholarship, though: in partnership with Budweiser, he had something even better for her,” IJR continued. “Driver told Hayley that they are paying for her schooling through the end of next year. Her reaction to the news says it all.”

This is an incredible story, and Hayley’s amazing reaction was indeed priceless. Stories such as this one really need a ton more attention than they get. Driver is going out of his way to do awesome things on his own time, and he’s not merely doing it for recognition. He simply wants to give back to those he shares a common bond with that may have a need.

That’s an awesome way to live whether you’re a famous actor or not, but Driver deserves a ton of props for being one of the good eggs in that line of work. Other celebs that feel they are helping others by making inflammatory remarks and pulling outlandish publicity stunts can learn a ton about what it really means to help by observing Driver’s actions here.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: YouTube

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