Tom Brady Jokingly Throws Some Shade At The Mrs. - Quickly Regrets His Decision

Few folks are as smooth on the field of play as superstar New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and that’s partially because he has a knack for avoiding mistakes of the epic variety.

Brady stays cool under pressure and generally makes the right call, and he’s rightfully considered one of the finest players in league history.

All that said, Brady does make the occasional flub - and sometimes he does it with his mouth. He demonstrated that during his team’s recent trip to Mexico, but he quickly demonstrated that he thinks on his feet off the field of play as well.

As the Daily Mail shares, the defending Super Bowl champions headed south of the border for Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders. Brady was asked for some insight on the differences of preparing for an international game as opposed to a home game, and he provided a humorous quip that he quickly thought better of.

“Naturally you have, when you're on the road like this, there's less things to do you know,” he said. “My family's not here, my kids aren't here, there's nobody telling me what I did wrong in the house.”

The always cool-as-ice Brady quickly realized he had made a fumble, and he smiled for the cameras as he corrected himself.

“I didn't mean that babe,” he said. “I take that back.”

Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, have been married since 2009 and have three children together. We’re going to assume that the 40-year-old quarterback had some explaining to do when he got home.

In all seriousness, the couple seems to be as thick as thieves, as there are all kinds of photos on social media of them lovingly smiling away in each other’s company.

As for preparing for the game itself - and Brady in particular - Raiders coach Jack Del Rio would offer up some insight on that.

“It's pretty much vintage Tom Brady. I think he's been as good as anybody doing it for quite a number of years,” Del Rio said. “For the most part, he's really competitive. He's really prepared and you know you have your hands full anytime you're going up against him.”

For the game itself, the Patriots crushed the Raiders by a score of 33-8. Brady threw for 339 yards and three scores, and the game was even more lopsided than the score suggests.

The Patriots are headed towards yet another playoff berth with Brady at the helm, and they once again have to be considered a serious threat to win it all.

Brady is still chugging along quite strongly at an age at which most players are out of the league - and there are no signs that he plans on going anywhere anytime soon. He has previously noted that he wants to play until the age of 45, and we’re not going to doubt him just yet.

Until he starts to show some chinks in the armor, there’s no reason to assume he’ll be hanging it up.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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