Police Officer Writes Response After Being Shamed For Stopping for Lunch

A police officer was having a long, hard day. He hadn't gotten any breaks, but finally, after his duty was done, got a chance to stop and use the bathroom and pick up some lunch.

A woman in the restaurant glared at him and complained that he was stopping to eat. The officer didn't want to start any trouble, but he did write about the incident on Twitter.

Police Constable Andre Owen of the Sussex Police in the U.K. recently shared a story of his day on Twitter. The 25-year-old officer says he was shamed by a woman in a Burger King because he stopped in to buy some food.

"To the lady that scorned me for buying food on duty... I’ve not stopped since 07:05 this morning, not even for toilet break. I’m over 100 miles from my station and I’m due off in 45 mins.... with a two hour journey at least!!!! # policearehumantoo," he wrote on Twitter.

The officer told Mirror Online that he ran into the woman a little after 2 p.m., and she gave him dirty looks.

"A lady eating her own food, kept staring at me whilst I waited," he said. "I collected the food and as I left she said something similar to ‘whilst you’re in here stuffing your face, there’s criminals that need catching out there’."

At the time, Constable Owen didn't react. "I smiled, and just walked away without saying a word."

What the lady didn't know, though, was the rough day the officer was having. He had barely started his shift at 7 am when he was given a tough but important assignment. It required him to take a long drive to another station. By 2 pm, he hadn't gotten a single break-- not even to use the bathroom.

He had an hour and a half drive home, and a stack of paperwork to do when he got back. He was slated to go off duty at 3 pm, but it looked like it was going to be a long day for him. So 30 minutes into his ride home, he stopped at a gas station and got some food.

"I stopped at a service station for my first toilet stop of the day! While there, I also got a double whopper meal, apple pie, Coke and a cappuccino," he said.

That is when he encountered the unpleasant woman who criticized him.

Many people jumped on Twitter to stand up for the officer.

“The majority of front line staff do not get anytime to have a break even though they are entitled too ... so as others have already stated you have our full support. Burger King! The food of heroes,” wrote one person.

“Totally agree and we are almost certainly not doing enough to support shift workers to maintain a healthy lifestyle or educating the public about shift workers basic needs. At the end of the day a healthy workforce benefits the public,” said another.

“I’ve ‘liked’ this post but I don’t ‘like’ it if you know what I mean!?? So cross that people STILL make a fuss when we buy food on duty. Hope you get back to base safely and without incident,” said another.

“When I see cops buying food I purposely loiter to see if any f--kwit makes snide comments... The cops can't tell them to wind their f--king necks in, I can,” one joked.

Looks like the public is on the officer’s side.

Source: Mirror
Photos: Twitter

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