Frazzled Mom Tries To Feed Her Sick Crying Baby At Olive Garden - Floored By What Employee Does

One mom in Arkansas was having a rough day. Her 4-month-old baby had been sick, and she had just spent hours at the hospital getting a battery of tests.

The sleep-deprived mom went to a restaurant for something to eat after leaving the hospital and tried to prepare her daughter's bottle, but she accidentally spilled it all over herself. The baby was crying, the frazzled mom was rushing and fumbling, and the other diners were getting frustrated.

A waiter came to save the day.

Dallas French wrote a Facebook post about an Olive Garden employee who understood what she was going through and gave her a big hand. French admits she was having a bad day and was completely overwhelmed.

Her baby, Ellee, had been sick and had to go to the hospital for three hours. After numerous tests, the 4-month-old was diagnosed with E. coli.

The mom thought she could sit and relax a moment at the restaurant, but when her daughter began crying for a bottle, French accidentally dropped it. “All over me, all over the table and all over the floor,” she told Inside Edition.

The mom was frazzled and felt like the other guests were glaring at her. She quickly attempted to make another bottle.

That's when her server, Robert Davis, came up to serve her breadsticks and salad. He also wanted to lend a hand.

“He just grabbed the bottle and said, ‘Here, let me feed her," said Davis.

French got a much-needed moment of relief. With a few moments' peace on her hand, she was able to eat her salad and her breadsticks.

Ellee was in good hands. She cooed and laughed at Davis.

As it turns out, he's a father of three, so he understood what these kinds of days can be like for a parent. Ellee reminded him of his own kids, so he said he enjoyed helping out.

“I saw the struggle, so I said, ‘I can feed the baby.’ She’d already won me over because she’d smiled at me," he said.

"I just jumped in the booth behind them and leaned over and held the bottle."

French snapped a photo of him, and when she first posted about the encounter she realized she had forgotten the wonderful man's name. She did post the location, and the story soon got picked up by the media.

They tracked down Davis for her.

“He’s a dad and he just saw a mom that needed help. He just saw that we’re flustered with a baby and spilled milk," she said.

"He said, ‘I never gave it a thought.’ None of it was a big deal to him."

"But it was a big deal to me," the mother confessed.

It’s little acts of kindness like this that really make the world a better place. Instead of glowering at people who are causing a bit of a disturbance, going over to offer them a hand can solve everyone’s problem.

Davis is a great example of how we should all act with compassion and be willing to help each other out in a pinch.

Source: Today
Photo: YouTube

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