Hospital Told Man His Wife Was Dead, But When He Rushed Over He Was Shocked To Find Her Sleeping

A British woman had been battling bladder cancer since September 2016, and she had gone to a hospital for treatment that was far away from home. Her husband was back home, but he got a disturbing call from a nurse at the hospital.

The nurse told him his wife had passed away. The devastated husband traveled to the hospital expecting to make arrangements for his wife's funeral, but he was stunned to see her sleeping in her bed when he got there.

Frank Priddis, the 63-year-old husband, spent an entire hour thinking that his wife, Sandra, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Sandra was fine, as it turns out, and the message was a hospital error. The husband is relieved but is trying to get answers.

The bus driver couldn't go to Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital with his wife when she went to have her treatment because he had to work. He never expected to get a call telling him that his wife was dead.

“The nurse told me that my wife had passed away approximately an hour previously. She asked if we could come over to the hospital to see the doctor, who would explain exactly what had happened," he recalls.
They went to the nurse’s station at the hospital and waited for staff to get information for them. “In the meantime, for some unknown reason, I just happened to turn and look through the window into the ward, where I saw my wife fast asleep in her bed.”

The shocked husband tried to find out what was going on, and that's when the hospital staff realized they'd made a terrible mistake.

“It turns out the nurse that had made the call had in fact picked up the wrong file and contacted the wrong family. I said, ‘If this is a joke, it is a sick one.'”
Mr. Priddis said the emotional pain was very real for the whole family, and that no one should have to go through that. “No one can even begin to ever feel the pain, distress and anxiety that this caused myself, my daughter and my grandsons, who were 12 and 14 years old at the time, not forgetting the extended family too," he said.

"“This was the worst hour of my life by far as when I was in the car on the way to the hospital, I told her that my life was now over, I had nothing left and I might as well give up.”
Administrators at the hospital apologized and told the family that they had the protocol in place involving double-checking of wristbands and paperwork to make sure these kinds of mistakes wouldn't happen again. He doesn't really believe them.

"Now I feel like they were just fobbing us off at the time. They just wanted us to go away and get over it.”

The family went public with the story because he found out another family went through the same thing. A bereavement team accidentally called a woman named Carole-Anne Furzer and told her that her husband, patient Gary Furzer, passed away.

Furzur learned the truth just five minutes later, fortunately, and didn't have to agonize over it for an hour like the Priddis family did.

“I messaged Carole-Anne saying that it ain’t the first time that this has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last," said Priddis.

“We are therefore really sorry for this lapse and for the upset and distress it has caused Priddis and his family," said a hospital spokesperson.

“We are very grateful for the time Priddis spent with us discussing his complaint and for his constructive suggestions. We have taken these on board and as a result, we have since changed our processes to minimize the risk of a patient being wrongly identified in this particular way again.”
Source: NY Post
Photo: NY Post, Mirror

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