Wife Scares Off Burglar, And Husband Can't Help But Laugh About It

An elderly couple were asleep in bed in the early morning hours when the woman heard their dog barking incessantly. She thought that there was a raccoon or some other wildlife that stirred him up and she wanted to stop him before he woke up the whole neighborhood.

The woman grabbed a flashlight and went down to see why the dog was going crazy, and found an intruder. When the intruder got a look at the woman, he apologized and fled. The woman was buck naked.

Patricia Mulkeen, the 91-year-old homeowner, went to check on the dog in the couple's Yarmouth, Massachusetts home. It was about 2 a.m., and she believed some kind of critter had gotten in or was taunting her pooch through the windows, but she never expected to come face to face with another human being.

If she thought someone else was in the home, she might have put some clothes on.

Mulkeen says she walked into her dining room, and a strange man was standing there staring at her in disbelief. Upon seeing the 91-year-old woman in the buff, the intruder told her, "Sorry, Ma'am."

The red-faced thug then ran off, exiting through the basement.

Patricia's husband, 92-year-old Jack, gets a kick out of the story. "My wife at 91 years old gets out of bed and she's stark naked," Jack says to 7News. "And here's this young guy in his 20s looking at a naked 91-year-old woman. That'd be enough to make him faint - it's a shock."

Patricia says she wasn't frightened by the intruder at all - she didn't have time to be. She was just surprised, both at finding him, and at his quick, apologetic exit.

The intruder was later caught and identified as 28-year-old Joseph Parent. Local law enforcement agents are very familiar with the young man, who has been in trouble numerous times.

Parent was charged with breaking and entering, and because he was in possession of Suboxone when police found him, he's also been charged with drug possession.

Mrs. Mulkeen might have stumbled onto a brilliant new deterrent for burglars. Confronting them in your birthday suit is a great way to turn the tables on them when it comes to the 'element of surprise'.

"Probably the best precaution you can take is to make your residence an unattractive target for the would-be burglar," said John DeNegre, a residential appraiser expert, to KB Communications.

DeNegre doesn't mean stripping off your pajamas if you hear someone poking around, though. He's talking about using a dog, an alarm security system and flood lights to make your home appear unattractive.

The Mulkeens say that the real hero in this scenario is their dog. Pepper, the couple’s 12-year-old Wheaten Terrier, is the one who alerted them that someone was in the home.

They say it’s a good thing that Pepper was on guard that night and came through for them, or they might not have known anyone had broken in until it was too late.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: 7News

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