Dentist Spends Four Months Behind Bars For Putting Semen In Patients' Mouths

Back in 2005, Dr. John Hall was forced out of business for unbelievable reasons. The North Carolina dentist had developed a reputation for unconventional treatments, but that wasn’t what the problem was.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, he would be exposed for doing something so incomprehensible that he would serve a stint in jail.

It was found that Hall was using a syringe to inject his own semen into patients' mouths during treatment. Yes, seriously. He even warned one patient that he was “going to put something in her mouth that would taste funny, but would stop the bleeding.”

Repulsed employees knew something wasn’t right, and they began collecting syringes that the doctor used. It’s a good thing that they did, as that quickly brought an end to his sadistic ways.

“When Dr. Hall was eventually brought to court – for violating dentistry's standard of care, engaging in immoral conduct, and seven misdemeanor counts of sexual assault – six former patients provided testimonies about how the doctor had incorporated his semen into their dental visits,” Vice explains.

VIce continues, “Another woman also alleged that Dr. Hall had pounced on her in the dental chair and began to 'gyrate against her lower body in a sexual manner.' The police had confiscated syringes from Dr. Hall's office, which DNA tests proved had traces of his semen in them.”

Amazingly, Hall would only spend four months behind bars for his deranged ways.

“How in the world can he just walk away from this? There's no justice in this,” remarked one of his victims.

His dental license was permanently revoked, but it sounds like he’s getting the itch to practice again. He has apparently relocated to the small Central American country of Belize, and he came very close to opening a new clinic.

Tamara Sniffin, editor of the San Pedro Sun, found that something about Hall rubbed her the wrong way. She looked into his past, and her instincts proved to be spot on. Sniffin quickly jumped into action.

“On the morning of [December] 7, I went to the San Pedro Police Department, armed with a folder full of printed articles and info on the deviant, disgusting behavior of Dr. Hall,” she recalled. “There was no way in hell I was going to let that pervert touch one person on this island and I thank those who brought it to our attention and worked with us on shutting this creep down.”

So how did Hall get so close to practicing again? Turns out he received a work permit under his real name, but he devised a pseudonym when he applied for a Belizean dentistry license.

Disturbingly, that wasn’t picked up before he was given a license. Thankfully, Sniffin sniffed this one out, but the fact remains that she shouldn’t have had to in the first place.

Perhaps if Hall hadn’t received such a laughable sentence in the first place, he would be further deterred from even attempting this stunt. That being said, it sounds like he’s disturbed enough to do about anything.

If nothing else, we’ll hope that his identification is rigged with some kind of siren to go off in case he ever attempts to register again.

Source: Vice, Independent Journal Review
Photo: The San Pedro Sun, Conor Lawless/Wikimedia, San Pedro Police Department, pxhere

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