Couple Renovates Their $2 Million Condo - What They Find In The Walls Is Horrifying

A couple have forked up $2 million to buy a luxury condominium in Weehawken, New Jersey. Unfortunately, the couple have discovered some unexpected features in the walls of the condominium’s bedroom.

While the couple, who remain unnamed at this point in time, cleaned and upgraded their new apartment, they hired a contractor, known only as Derrick, to carry out some minor renovations to the property’s walls. However, Derrick quickly noticed that several plastic bottles had been squeezed into the wall.

When the couple had a closer look, they realized that the bottles were filled with urine.

“I notified the client I was working for … There was also food that was left in the walls. Containers [of] Chinese food with food still in it,” said Derrick.

“Wrappers from cupcakes and all different stuff. The urine, [the] feces. To my knowledge that’s all very bad for your health. There were a lot of things I saw that [weren’t] up to code.

Now, the wealthy buyers have filed a lawsuit against Lennar Sales Corporation, the company previously in charge of the property and sale.

In the lawsuit, which was originally obtained by reporters from ‘Page Six’, the couple’s attorney claims that the couple found “bottles filled with urine, containers containing remnants of partially eaten food, construction debris and other garbage” in the condominium’s walls. The suit was filed by a legal team from Shiloh Holdings.

After hiring some extra help to dig deeper into the condominium, which is allegedly located at 1200 Avenue in Port Imperial, construction contractors also found insulation bats that had been soaked with urine and more surreptitious stacks of garbage.

According to ‘Page Six’, the Imperial Port apartment is a centerpiece of the Avenue Collection: a group of two and three bedroom condominiums – ranging in price from $1.4 million to $3.75 million – that feature “gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, spacious balconies and direct views of New York City.”

However, despite the condominium’s stunning views and modern facilities, the disgusting discovery has prompted the anonymous couple to sue the Lennar Sales Corporation for a slew of offences, including breach of warranty and fraud.

What’s more, the couple – who claim that they were lied to by property agents about “triple-pane, hurricane proof windows, soundproof floors and fire blocking areas” – have decided to seek other compensatory and punitive damages.

The crisis manager of Shiloh Holdings, Wendy Feldman, has not held back in her criticism of Lennar Sales Corporation:

“Lennar is a Fortune 500 Company. They have thousands of employees and a long history in development,” Feldman emphasized in a statement.

“I shudder to think about the rest of the work they have built. I am hopeful that everybody will do the right thing and that this never happens to another victim."

"My clients are not the only victims. They are the people brave enough to put their money where their mouth is and that will help anybody else who has been harmed also. As we see, it just takes one, but there are power in numbers.”

Source: Page Six
Photo: Lennar, Shiloh Holdings

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