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Adorable Baby Born With White Hair - Remains Internet Sensation

A baby photo has captured the imagination of the masses, but this is not your average run-of-the-mill photo of an adorable little one. This photo has captured so much attention due to a striking feature that the baby possesses, and that’s led to all kinds of wild speculation.

As Liftable shares, the baby was born with all white hair.

We’re not talking really light blond either, but rather white - as in the color of chalk, milk or paste. The baby was born in Szekesfehervar, Hungary, and a simple photo shared on social media sent things into a tizzy.

“Baby boy born with white hair, in Szekesfehervar! What's your views?! He looks pretty cute, in my opinion. #White-hairedbaby,” the photo’s caption read.

Before you knew it, this photo was being passed around like hot cakes. People couldn’t get enough of this white-haired little man, and some users wondered aloud whether he was some kind of troll, magical dwarf, wizard or royal being.

The maternity ward at the hospital would go so far as to dub the little guy “Prince Charming.” Speculation would also mount that the baby was an albino, but doctors squelched that talk by noting that the unusual hair color was “not a sign of illness or prenatal stress.”

Doctors believe it was just some kind of temporary pigmentation disorder, as labs on the baby have come back normal. Despite that, users are still throwing their two cents in about what may have caused the hair to be such a shocking white.

“It can be an indication of albinism … It may look really pretty but could be bad for the child. It can be under diagnosed. One of my grandchildren has yellow albinism,” shared one user. “It was brought to our attention by the eye doctor when he was 2. He is now 12 and is considered legally blind.”

“Uh there is different types of albinism, my daughter was born with hair like that, guess what she has dirty blonde hair now and has some pigment but she has albinism,” shared another user.

Experts believe that the child’s hair will darken as he gets older. Other users added that there wasn’t too much to worry about here, as they had experienced similar situations.

“My little girl’s hair was white when she was born and very thick like this. It still is white and keeps getting thicker,” shared one user. “She was tested for albinism and has genetics tests ran on her and she is perfectly normal!”

In addition to the white hair, the baby was a big one at birth, as he tipped the scales at more than 11 pounds. No word on what the parents have had to say about all of the attention their precious little one has generated, but we can be sure they're absolutely tickled to welcome such an adorable little guy to the family.

We’ll have to check in on "Prince Charming" in a couple of years to see how the whole white-hair thing is working out, but we’ll assume this cute little guy will have plenty of admirers as he grows - regardless of whether he’s royalty or not.

Source: Liftable
Photo: Liftable, RelayHero, Pexels

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