95-Year-Old WWII Vet And Daughter Fight Off Burglar In Wisconsin

You don’t want to mess with an ex-Marine no matter how old he is. A testament to this fact, a 95-year-old Marine who served in World War II and lives in West Allis, Wisconsin, fought off a burglary suspect with the help of his daughter a couple of weeks ago.

It seems that Frederick Bennett was watching TV in his living room on the evening of Dec. 4 when his dog started barking. When the dog kept it up, Bennett decided he better get up and see what was going on.

There was nothing out of order in the kitchen, but Bennett noticed the door to the bedroom was closed. When he tried to open the bedroom door, it became stuck.

"I am leaning like this and the guy is standing flat against the wall, and I'm almost nose to nose to him," Bennett commented in an interview with local Milwaukee media.

The ex-Marine yelled at the top of his lungs for the man to get out of his house.

"At first I told him, 'What are you doing here?' Then I told him, 'Get the hell out of here,'" Bennett explained.

The brazen burglar told Bennett to give him his wallet, and said he would kill both him and his dog. If he didn’t hand over the wallet.

The still spry vet grabbed the burglar by his collar and pants and was trying to throw the man out the back door. Then the burglar grabbed Bennett's wallet out of his pocket.

Bennett describes the struggle with the much younger man: "Then I was mad. Then I was trying to get the wallet back from him and I was reaching around his waist and we both went down on the floor.”

The 95-year-old was wrestling with the burglar when 51-year-old daughter Mary heard the all the noise. She said she immediately came running upstairs.

"As soon as I came through that doorway I see my dad on the floor with his arms wrapped around this guy, standing in our kitchen. I didn't even think I just reacted," Mary Bennett remarked.

A large woman used to working around the house, Mary sprang into action when she saw what was going on. She managed to wrestle the man close to the back door, but then he bit her arm and threatened to kill her if she didn’t let him go.

However, Mary didn't let the man go after she got him out the door. She says her dad called 911 as she chased the burglar down several houses down the block.

After she tackled him, the man tried to bargain with Mary: "He said, 'I'm sorry.' And I said, 'Sorry doesn't cut it.' ... I said, 'I'm not leaving you alone until you are in handcuffs.’”

She just sat on the burglar until police showed up, and even managed to get her dad’s wallet back from the man. Local media sources report that 53-year-old Milwaukee resident Gary Wells was later charged with burglary and battery.

"Very proud. She was the hero," Frederick Bennett commented.

Both of the Bennetts said given the circumstances they were lucky that all they ended up with was cuts and bruises.

Source: ABC 7, KSDK
Photo: KSDK

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