911 Dispatcher's Blood Runs Cold After 8th Grader Tells Dispatcher Man Inside Him Did This

In a bizarre story out of Ohio, a 14-year-old boy who allegedly brutally killed his dad’s girlfriend said that his alternate personality "snapped" when he assaulted the woman he once affectionately referred to as “mom,” according to reports.

Officials with the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office note that Donovan Nicholas called 911 last week to tell them 40-year-old Heidi Fay Taylor was dead.

Nicholas lived with Taylor and described her as his mom. But he says she was stabbed and shot by “the person inside” him, the boy said in a 911 call obtained by local media sources.

“It wasn't me who, who, it wasn’t me who killed her. It was Jeff," Nicholas says. "He sometimes takes control and I have no control. I have no control over him. It’s not fair."

When asked why he / Jeff hurt Taylor, Nicholas replied that Jeff was "tired of her."

"She always, she always did drugs and she totally like ignored me. Like, once she hit me and she was just — she was done," the teen said matter of factly.

Nicholas also told the dispatcher he was scared and said Jeff was responsible for the gruesome killing.

“I didn’t — I — I didn’t want to kill her. I hate Jeff so much. He’s — he — he’s going to make me die in prison," he went on.

Nicholas also told the dispatcher he was in extreme pain, as Jeff had stabbed him in the leg.

“It hurts really bad,” he remarked during the call.

The 911 call ended abruptly when a deputy ordered Nicholas to put his hands behind his back.

According to her obituary, Taylor was remembered for her love of gardening, crafts, cooking and hosting family and friends.

"She was a kind, compassionate and giving person. Most of all, she loved spending time with her kids and grandkids," the obituary went on. 

Of note, Nicholas had been a student at Graham Middle School, and he has no formal record of behavioral problems.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Yahoo

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