90 Years Ago This Ship Disappeared In The Bermuda Triangle, Finally It Reappears

In December of 1925, the SS Cotopaxi set off from South Carolina, bound for Havana, Cuba. The steam freighter was carrying more than a ton of coal. It entered the Bermuda Triangle and was never seen again... until now.

The Cotopaxi radioed a distress call just two days after the voyage began. The captain reported the ship was taking on water, then all went completely silent. Search parties were sent out, but no sign of the ship could be found. It disappeared in the mystical triangle in the Atlantic where many believe supernatural or otherworldly events occur.

There was a crew of 32 men on board. The captain, W.J. Meyer, kept a log that showed entries suddenly stopped on Dec 1, 1925, the same day the distress call went out.

For more than 90 years, no one has had a clue what happened to it. In the director's cut of the 1977 fiction film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ the ship was found halfway around the world in Mongolia's Gobi Desert, supposedly put down by aliens. In reality, everyone assumed the ship went under. Where the ship actually ended up is probably as baffling as if it had been found in Mongolia.

Cuban authorities in 2016 noticed a vessel heading for Havana. It was near a military zone, so authorities tried to communicate with it. They did not get any response so they set out for it and were stunned by the find.

Almost 100 years late, the Cotopaxi slowly made its destination. Obviously, the ship didn't sink. As to what fate befell the crew of the real live ghost ship, the rusty remains of the Cotopaxi isn’t giving any clues.

Source: Your Nation News
Photo: Your Nation News

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