9-Year-Old Pennsylvania Good Samaritan Continues To “Pay Forward” Kind Act By State Trooper

It seems like we are seeing more uplifting stories about paying it forward than ever. Of course, in the large majority of the cases, the paying it forward is something small and not a big deal like paying for someone’s coffee at a convenience store or the person behind you’s order at a fast food to go line, and the next person returns the favor for the person behind him in line.

Once in a while, though, paying it forward can actually turn into a pretty big deal as this recent example from Pennsylvania makes clear.

This story is about how a small kind act at a Sheetz store in Butler, Pennsylvania by a Pennsylvania State Trooper was both repaid and paid forward by a precocious and sensitive young woman named Brooke.

It seems that state Trooper Chad Savannah noticed that 9-year-old Brooke didn’t have quite enough money to pay for her donut holes at the local Sheetz, sol the generous trooper paid for the large box of donut holes himself.

In an interview with local media a couple of days later, Trooper Savannah explained that the young lady ran right out of the Sheetz after her purchase.

However, this is not the end of the story. It seems that Brooke went right back home and wrote a thank you letter to Trooper Savannah. The thank you letter read in part:

“My name is Brooke and I am 9 years old. I was at Sheetz and didn’t have enough money.

A nice police officer behind me kindly paid for my item. I thanked him, but felt bad because I didn’t offer him the money I had.

So, I am donating this money. I want to thank this officer again.

Stay safe.


It turns out the young lady’s thoughtful letter actually ended up on the desk of Savannah’s patrol commander before the trooper ever saw it.

Chad’s patrol commander opened Brooke’s letter when it arrived in the mail and was very surprised to see a $10 bill inside the envelope. The generous young lady also wrote a note saying to donate the money given to her by the state trooper to pay for her donut holes.

However, the chain of kindness and paying things forward didn’t end there. The next step in the pay it forward chain involved Chad and his fellow troopers collecting $50 cash and a matching Toys “R” Us gift card and sent these gifts back to Brooke as a token of their appreciation for her.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that a few days later the troopers heard back that Brooke was refusing to spend the money or the gift card they’d given her.

The story is still not quite over yet, as this pay it forward chain just continued to create positive vibes throughout the area.

Apparently, Brooke decided to maintain her string of paying forward the trooper’s small gesture by taking the gift card and cash and buying $100 worth of fun toys for the local Toys For Tots program that supports needy kids in the Butler area.

Source: Spotlight Stories
Photo: Spotlight Stories, Youtube

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