Three-Year-Old Hung By Feet, Beaten And Killed - Mom And Boyfriend Charged With Murder

A Pennsylvania couple is facing murder charges after they were accused of killing the woman's toddler. The toddler's body was found with horrific bruises, and was reportedly hung upside-down by his feet for the slaughter.

Gary Fellenbaum and his girlfriend Jillian Tait were arrested in the murder of 3-year-old Scott McMillan, Tait's son. According to Police, Fellenbaum, Tait and Fellenbaum's wife, Amber, all confessed to the brutal murder.

Fellenbaum lived with his wife, their 11-month-old son, his girlfriend Tait, little Scott and Tait's unnamed 6-year-old son in a mobile home in West Caln Township. He was a Walmart employee.

The trio said they didn't plan the fatal beating, but things escalated when Scott was not behaving. Apparently, the toddler refused to eat breakfast.

"Little Scotty McMillan is dead. Over a three-day period," said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan in a statement.

"He was systematically tortured and beaten to death. He was punched in the face and in the stomach. He was scourged with a homemade whip."

"He was lashed with a metal rod. He was tied to a chair and beaten. He was tied upside down by his feet and beaten. His head was smashed through a wall."

Amber was reportedly not taking part in the beatings, but she has been charged with child endangerment for not reporting the abuse going on in the home.

According to the DA, seasoned professional forensic investigators were brought to tears when they saw Scott's tiny, brutalized body.

"Our ER nurses see a lot of terrible things. But when they saw his body, they wept," said Hogan.

As the child was dying, Fellenbaum and Tait went looking for a car, got a pizza, had sex and took a nap.

Abuse was common in the home; Tait told officers when she was questioned that Fellenbaum frequently beat both of her boys on numerous occasions.

The mother admitted that her boyfriend would hang the boys up by their feet and beat them as they laughed. The 6-year-old boy has been recently placed in the care of relatives.

Shocked neighbors can't believe what was going on in the mobile home community under their noses. The 'family' only moved there about a month ago.

"I don't know if they should [be sentenced to death] or not... because they would probably suffer more in jail all their lives," said a neighbor to ABC-6 News.

Police officers say they've never seen such a horrific case of child abuse. They searched the home but did not find any signs of drugs or drug use. Fellenbaum and his girlfriend seemed to simply enjoy taking their frustrations out on the children.

"When you go to bed tonight, say a prayer for little Scotty McMillan. The brief nightmare that was his life... is over," said Hogan.

Fellenbaum was given a psychological evaluation to see if he was competent to stand trial, and a court ruled that he was.

Source: 6ABC, Fox News
Photo: 6ABC

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