10 Products That Prove Less Is Usually More

In a buy one/get one, super-sizing, all-you-can-eat, disposable kind of world like this, we can easily forget the beauty of simplicity sometimes. Minus all the unnecessary clutter, something minimal can often speak volumes. Here are a few items that proves less can be so much more.

Business Card

One clever person said everything they needed to say just by printing their email address on their business card. It tells the business name, the owner's name, the website and even the Instagram account. Now that is awesome.


Beer Cans

One beer brewer decided to nix the artist, and just made the cans the same color as the brew inside. Just looking at it can make you thirsty. Bravo.


Artists Rendition of Harry Potter Books

An artist was inspired by the wildly popular Harry Potter stories and re-designed each cover for the seven books in the main series. With simple black and white and some geometric shapes, the collection became a work of art. They even glow.

Kincső Nagy

Clever Cookery

One minimalist with little space wanted a barbecue for the yard, but didn't want a huge, clunky piece of metal cluttering up the patio. The person came up with a simple solution: an architectural barbecue feature that folded into the wall. Brilliance.


Best Book Art

One of the most cleverly designed book covers has to be a design for Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451', with its match and striker binding. If you're not familiar with the story, it's a dystopian futuristic novel about when books were banned, and firemen were crews that burned books when they were found.

Austin Creative Department

Tesla 3

The interior of the newest Tesla model makes you feel more like you're in a spaceship than car. All the controls and read-outs are on a simple screen. Talk about a sleek ride.


Silver Journal

This beautifully designed journal rules in form and function. On the inside, you have your lined paper for spilling all your feelings. Close it, and the book resembles a big silver block. No one will ever know, unless you tell them.


Shady Lamp

This simple lamp is so minimal that it doesn't have a shade-- until you turn it on. Never worry about bumping into an imbalanced lamp, or having to look around it when something is on the other side. How neat is that?


Pizza Box

Domino’s pizza has gone through a number of designs over the years on their pizza boxes, but they peaked back in the 1960's with their single dot design. Ah, the good old days.


Clever Packaging

The makers of Blk., an alkaline spring water infused with fulvic acid, have arguably come up with one of the cleverest packaging designs. The clear bottle has black and white writing on it. When the bottle is full with the black water, the white writing is visible. When the bottle is empty, the black writing pops out to reveal the message, "Enjoy the dark side."

Bored Panda

Source: Bored Panda

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