10 Cell Phone Brands That Emit Dangerous Amount Of Radiation - If You Own One, Throw It Out

Our cell phones have become an extension of ourselves. We use phones not just to make phone calls but to check messages, text, email, surf the web, shop, take photos and videos, and organize just about anything, from grocery lists to finances. Most of us never think about the invisible dangers that they might carry, but the fact is that your phone may be killing you.

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation that can result in cancer. Phones continuously emit a non-ionizing radiation that can cause a decrease in bone density and even cancer if carried all day in a particular area of the body.

Cell radiation increases when the phone is actually in use. This means that keeping your cell phone within six inches of your body while using it can be blasting dangerous levels of radiation at your head.

The FCC set guidelines for radiation known as the 'Specific Absorption Rate' or 'SAR.' The legal limit for cell phones is 1.6 watts per kg of body mass. Some phone companies push the limit.

Some Motorola models are over 1.5 SAR. Blackberry and Kyocera models fall in the 1.4 ranges. Trading these phones in for a different model might be a life-saving decision.

To further protect yourself, try to keep your phone off for part of the day, or don't carry it directly on your person in the same pocket or holder. Keep calls short, or postpone them, if the connection is bad. Trying to get a good signal boosts the radiation.

Ideally, when using your phone, keep it about six inches from your body. A shielded head set or speakers would be a safer option.

The wisest move may be to wean yourself off your phone so that you use it only when necessary. So many of us have become phone addicted, we forget that beyond the screen there is a whole world out there. Put the phone down more often and get back to life.

If you use one of these, it's time for a new phone:

1. Motorola Droid Maxx – SAR 1.54
2. Motorola Droid Ultra – SAR 1.54
3. Motorola Moto E – SAR 1.5 (3)
4. Alcatel One Touch Evolve – SAR 1.49
5. Huawei Vitria – SAR 1.49
6. Kyocera Hydro Edge – SAR 1.48
7. Kyocera Kona – SAR 1.45
8. Kyocera Hydro XTRM – SAR 1.44
9. BlackBerry Z10 – SAR 1.42
10. BlackBerry Z30 – SAR 1.41

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Photo: The Hearty Soul

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