Woman Had Both Baby And 'Gemstone' Forming Inside Her Simultaneously

Doctors in China delivered a baby girl, but they were startled when something else fell out of the mother. A mass that had the appearance of a gemstone had been forming in the woman's body throughout her pregnancy.

Doctors said it looked like 'a piece of beautiful jade'.

Doctors at the Tiantai People's Hospital were assisting at a Cesarean section and they brought the baby into the world. Then they noticed the mother had another surprise inside of her: a stone that looked like a precious gem.

The so-called 'gemstone' is believed to be what doctors call a 'peritoneal loose body'. The mass is something that forms when epiploic appendages (pouches of fat wrapped in the membrane of the colon) get twisted and break away.

They detach and become lose, transforming into fibrous lumps.

These lumps can harden and become calcified and may remain in a person's abdomen, just lying there like a stone. Because of the procedure to deliver the baby, this stone fell out.

The stone was approximately 1 1/2 inches long by 2 inches wide and 0.2 inches thick. It appears yellow and translucent.

Pang Guiping, the Associate Chief Physician at the hospital, said the medical staff were shocked when the stone rolled out of the mother. "Then we decided to carry on with the operation, and very quickly a healthy and adorable baby girl was born," he said.

The medical staff observed the mother for a while, but could not find any other abnormalities.

Peritoneal loose body masses are rare. Only a handful of such masses that were 2 inches or bigger have been reported in medical history.

Usually, Peritoneal loose bodies don't cause any problems when they're small, and there are no symptoms. When masses grow, they become a threat to the patient.

They may cause bowel obstructions, block the bladder or the passage of urine.

A 62-year-old patient was found to have one the shape of a large hard-boiled egg in 2015, and he made it into the New England Journal of Medicine for his unusual case. That man's mass was four inches long.

Doctors have joked that the little girl's birth with the jade-like stone is a case of a classic tale coming to life. In a well-known story, 'Dream of Red Mansions', the main character is born with a magical piece of jade in his mouth.

While this baby wasn't born with jade in her mouth, she did spend her life in the womb developing along-side the calcified stone. Maybe her mother can put it in a setting or mount it on something to preserve it for the little girl for when she gets older.

She wouldn't be the first person to do this. Ancient wealthy people used to have gallstones put into settings to wear. These days, most people just want to get rid of them, but who knows?

There could be a market for them again some time in the future.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, MailOnline

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