Scientists Reveal Specific Date When Mass Extinction Will Occur

There are constant reports from the scientific community that claim the sky is going to fall at any second, but the hyperbole is generally met with the enthusiasm of white noise. However, some reports still manage to capture attention when they hit the right notes.

One of those reports made the rounds recently, and it claims that mass extinction is simply inevitable at this point. As the International Business Times shares, this one had no trouble drawing attention.

The report was published in the journal Science Advances, and it’s chock full of information that will scare the daylights out of people.

“A geophysics professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology analyzed the ups and downs of carbon in Earth’s history and their links to the five mass extinction events that occurred over the past 540 million years to identify where certain fateful thresholds were crossed,” IBT reports.

“Once those benchmarks were passed, the Earth’s environment was thrown into an unstable state that eventually led to a mass extinction — and our planet is on track to have this happen again, Daniel Rothman said. In each of those devastating prehistoric events, more than 75 percent of marine animals went extinct."

So what does all of that mean? According to the report, if we don’t change the amount of carbons that go into the ocean by the year 2100, we’re all goners. Well, many of us will be gone by then anyway, but those that are still living are in for some troubles.

“According to a paper the scientist wrote, published in the journal Science Advances, mass extinctions occur when changes in the carbon cycle happen too quickly and too heavily for Earth’s living creatures to adapt to them,” IBT adds.

“In the case of Earth’s present, the amount of carbon going into the ocean from human sources could be the tipping point and to create an unstable environment, and he calculated that there would have to be about 310 gigatons of carbon in the water for this to happen. At the pace the element has been increasing in our oceans, that would happen by 2100.”

That all sounds incredibly scary, but there’s a slight problem.

These are the findings of one report. How long until we have another report making the rounds that completely refutes the findings of this report as complete and utter nonsense?

That’s not to say that it is. This report could be right on the money. But how do we know when there is a consistent wave of conflicting information being released?

We don’t. Those that buy into the concept of climate change will likely have no problem buying the findings of this report, but those that do not will want some more details before being sold.

It’s a contentious debate that there’s no easy way to solve, but a decrease in conflicting reports and false narratives would go a long way to improving everyone’s understanding of the situation at hand.

Until that happens, we can expect a lot of arguing and not much else.

Source: IB Times
Photos: YouTube, NASA, Red Letter Christians

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