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Ice Age Fossils Uncovered By Construction Workers In La-La Land

If you dig down far enough, you never do know what you’re going to find. That sentiment hit home for a construction crew in Los Angeles, which was digging out an extension for the city’s subway system.

The workers would uncover some bones, but these were unlike any that they had ever seen before. Officials on the scene knew exactly what they had to do.

As the Daily Mail shares, paleontologist Ashley Leger was quickly on the scene, and she would set her sights on something rather startling - even for her profession. The workers had uncovered what has been determined to be the skull of a young Columbian mammoth, a mastodon tooth, a camel foreleg, vertebrae of a bison, and a tooth and ankle bone from a horse.

Leger estimates that some of the fossils are 10,000 years old and from the last Ice Age. Yes, at one point, there were dinosaurs roaming around La-La land.

“They're making sure that they're recovering every single fossil that could possibly show up,” she said. “They call me anytime things are large and we need to lead an excavation. It's an absolute dream come true for me. It's the one fossil you always want to find in your career.”

Once the workers started to uncover the amazing find, they knew that they needed to get a second opinion before they kept going. Leger was soon on site and in all of her glory, and she is meticulously going through things while hoping to find even more.

California has rather strict environmental laws, and scientists are required to be on site at certain construction jobs. Dave Sotero, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, notes that they try their best not to impede productivity.

“Our crews try to be as mindful as possible to help them do their jobs. We get out of their way,” Sotero said.

Once they understood what they were dealing with, the crew was permitted to continue carefully excavating the area while the scientists got to work on the fascinating find.

“Most of the past is below the ground, so you're only going to find it when you dig,” Leger added. “As the city grows, I'm sure we'll find more exciting fossil material.”

It’s pretty mind-blowing to imagine what the world was like 10,000 years ago, but the soil is dotted with clues that help scientists put the pieces together. Finds such as this one only help in that regard, and even more can be learned from each and every discovery.

For a paleontologist such as Leger, we can only imagine that the discovery was a little like Christmas morning. Alright, maybe that’s going too far, but based on the sentiments that she shared, it’s quite clear that she’s pretty pumped.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the construction crew gets all of the bones out of the way before laying the track, as a city with the traffic problems of LA can’t afford any more hiccups whatsoever on the transportation front.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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