She Refused To Remove Her Veil At Town Hall, Mayor Fires Back Hard

The ongoing campaign against the barbaric terrorist organization known as ISIS and a wider problem of Islamic militancy across North Africa and the Middle East has understandably frightened many people and governments all over the world. Europe is currently facing a myriad of social issues arising from the difficult integration of tens of thousands of Muslim refugees who migrated from the war-torn Middle East. An incident in Italy involving a Muslim mother has ignited debate about a variety of ongoing issues resulting from the intake of refugees with different cultures, languages and religions.

After learning that her son would be involved, the woman in question travelled to the local Youth Parliament session in Pordenone. However, upon arrival, she was asked to remove her niqab, an item of clothing used by some Muslim women to cover their face and head in public. After a brief exchange with the town’s mayor, the unnamed woman refused to remove the head and facial covering. Consequently, the Italian mayor informed the police who were forced to remove the woman from the premises and bring her before a local tribunal where it was revealed that the woman had been an Italian citizen for 16 years.

The major allegedly requested that the woman show her face for security reasons but onlookers have expressed criticism about the handling of the situation which disrupted the Youth Parliament. By Italian law, burqas and other facial coverings like the niqab are not banned but Italian citizens are not permitted to keep their faces covered at all times.

After being brought before the tribunal, the anonymous mother was charged with disobeying Italy’s facial covering laws, receiving a sentence of four months' detainment and a fine of €600. However, this sentence was later modified to eliminate detainment, increasing the fine to €30,600. The story gained considerable traction online with the majority of online commentators pointing out that the incident was a case of the law not being followed rather than an attempt to discriminate the woman because of her beliefs.

Source: Mail Online
Photo:Washington Post, Facebook

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