Muslims Plan Special 'Pool Day' at Waterpark, Get a Terrible Shock

A day of modesty and play was canceled after a waterpark in France received threats over “Burqini Day.” Smile 13, a group that caters to the Muslim community, organized the burkini-only day at Speedwater Park in Les Pennes-Mirabeau which permitted women, children, and boys under the age of 10, CNN reports.

According to a post on the group’s Facebook page, "the goal of the burkini is precisely not to tempt since it's a loose outfit," and "women wandering around in bikinis are more at risk for rape."

Before the event could occur, outrage ensued. The event organizers said they began to get threats, including a photo of bullets. Out of fear for the women and children who would have attended, the event was canceled.

The waterpark and the local government issued the following statement:

“Neither Speedwater Park nor the City of Pennes-Mirabeau wish to be the scene of troubles of public order that would be generated by issues that go beyond their territorial activities. Indeed, extreme ideological positions are taking advantage of the polemic linked to this event to engage in conflicts which neither Speedwater Park nor the City of Pennes-Mirabeau wish to participate in. In common agreement, Speedwater Park and the City of Pennes-Mirabeau have thus decided to not proceed with the request of the association Smile 13.”

Source: Mad World News
Photo: Mad World News

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