Illegal Immigrant Laughs While Slamming Trump On TV, Stops Laughing Moments Later

A so-called 'Dreamer' in Mississippi says she was arrested just minutes after speaking out about her fear of being deported. Civil rights groups are coming to her rescue, demanding her release. According to lawyers, immigration officers violated the woman's rights to free speech and due process.

Daniela Vargas, 22, is one of the many young people who were brought to America illegally by their parents. According to legislation put in place by former President Barack Obama, the so-called 'dreamers' can remain in the country and work towards legal citizenship. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was launched in 2012, and allows undocumented immigrants brought in when underage to obtain a work permit and remain in the country as long as they have no criminal record.

Vargas does not have a criminal record, and she did have a permit to stay in the country, but it expired. She was unable to renew it in February due to the $495 fee.

After watching her brother and father be detained outside their home by ICE officials, Vargas spoke out about her fear. ICE then turned around and sent agents to the house. After a standoff, ICE agents broke the door down. They found the frightened woman hiding in a closet. Vargas was arrested and is being detained, and expected to be deported back to her native Argentina.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and other civil rights groups have banned together to file a habeas petition to force ICE to release Vargas. "Dany, an aspiring math teacher and active community member, is not a threat to her community. Her detention only serves to chill free speech and stoke fear throughout immigrant communities," said SPLC deputy legal director Naomi Tsu in a press release.

"Courageous Dreamers like Dany should give us all hope that Trump’s approach will not be successful. Dany spoke out to defend her family and those like her, and we will use every legal tool at our disposal to ensure that her rights are not violated," said a lawyer.

Due to DACA, hundreds of thousands of undocumented minors began pouring over the border. The country has not been able to handle the influx and the Trump administration has been trying to roll back the legislation.

Source: New York Daily News
Photo: Mad World News

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