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Is Wearing The U.S. Flag As A Costume OK?

A Fox News commentator sparked debate on social media Monday, when she attempted to demonstrate her patriotism by wearing a costume that resembled the U.S. flag.

Some of those who saw Tomi Lahren’s red, white and blue outfit accused her of violating a federal statute. The Huffington Post pointed out that the U.S. Code bans converting the flag into “apparel, bedding or drapery.”

The law states that “no part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.”

Liberal political analyst Keith Olbermann was among those who expressed contempt for the conservative Fox News pundit. “Patriotic? Bulls**t,” he tweeted.

“She’s in violation of the U.S. Flag Code. ‘The flag should never be used as wearing apparel ….’” Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, inserted the first family into the argument when he told his Twitter followers that “life is hard; it’s even harder when you’re stupid.”

Some of Lahren’s critics recalled that she has been an outspoken opponent of National Football League players and other professional athletes who protest racial injustice by refusing to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before games.

“NOT against US Code: kneeling during the national anthem. IS against US Code: wearing the flag as clothing,” a Twitter user who calls himself “Berserkir Joe” remarked.

“Way to go @tomilahren.” Eric E. wrote: “I guess disrespecting the American flag in this manner is okay. My god, just don’t kneel during the anthem.”

Lahren fired back with a message captioned “for the selectively patriotic Snowflakes who are melting over a Halloween costume.”

She wrote: “Unless an article of clothing is made from an actual United States flag, there is NO breach of flag etiquette whatsoever. People are simply expressing their patriotism and love of country by wearing an article of clothing that happens to be red, white and blue with the stars and stripes.”

The commentator’s explanation did not prevent people from continuing to vent their rage about her controversial get-up. “Anita” tweeted: “@TomiLahren I thought you respected the flag. This is wrong. Shame on you.” Anita S.

Loving chimed in: “Nothing says bimbo like a blonde in a flag cape.” And then there was this message from Karen McSweeney: “I don’t think anyone cares about a flag code. It’s just a super dorky costume that screams, ‘I’m desperate for attention; look at me.’”

Ricardo asked, “So using a the flag as a porno actress is OK?”; while inventormama tweeted: “Why do you hate America so much that you would disrespect the flag in such a vile manner in direct violation of the US Flag Code?”

The issue of properly honoring Old Glory has been in the news lately because of President Trump’s condemnation of football players who either sit or kneel during the national anthem. He has accused them of disrespecting the flag and the country, even though the athletes insist they are engaged in social and political protest.

The demonstrations began last year, following several highly publicized incidents involving white police officers killing unarmed black men.

Source: HuffPost
Photo: YouTube

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