Video Of President Trump's Wind-Blown Hair Has People On Social Media Freaking Out

A recent YouTube video showing President Donald Trump boarding Air Force One on a breezy day has Twitter abuzz. People are trying to figure out the President's complicated hair, which just got more complicated.

Trump's critics found the footage disturbing and can't stop tweeting about it.

“US President Donald Trump walks to Air Force One prior to departure from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, February 2 as he travels to Mar a Lago in West Palm Beach, Florida, for the weekend,” read a caption from Getty, accompanied by a video.

"At first i didn’t think this could possibly be real but.... I think it is?" wrote journalist Ashley Feinberg, posting a link to the video.

As he climbs the steps, Trump's hair whipping wildly in the wind. When the combover blew over, Trump's scalp was revealed looking stark and bare. His hair was looking a little sparse.

The 71-year-old Commander-in-Chief's hair seems to be thinning quickly. Maybe the stress of his office is taking toll on him.  

On a good day, Trump's hair looks more like a hair sculpture than actual human hair. This video shows that it's even thinner than his swooping side comb might make you believe.

According to Michael Wolff's controversial gossip book, "Fire and Fury: Inside Trump's White House," the President is bald on top, and that getting his hair in place every day to cover it is a complicated process with a blow dryer, brush and hair spray.  According to Wolff, it’s something his daughter Ivanka loves to rib  him about.

The book also claims the president had a procedure known as 'scalp reduction surgery'.

"It’s when surgeons snip off some of your bald scalp, then stretch the remaining hair-covered portion of scalp up over your skull," reports The Guardian. The publication claims it ' costs thousands of dollars, scabs over like nobody’s business and often doesn’t work'.

Wolff’s book, while amusing to many Trump haters, should be taken with a grain of salt. He’s been slammed for failing to back up any of his claims, and when challenged on how he got such information, he has said that you have to ‘read between the lines’.

If the scalp reduction surgery is that horrible and ineffective, it makes you wonder why Trump would even get it. After all; he's a billionaire. Why not just get hair implants?

It doesn't help that Trump’s hair is very fine, thin, and almost the color of his skin. People on social media couldn’t stop ranting about it.  

"Imagine what those locks look like soaking wet," added Feinberg, a disturbing mental image.

"Like when Anakin Skywalker took off his helmet," noted one Twitter user in response.

"Yeah. That’s exactly it. Oh god. I can’t go to sleep ever again," said another.

"I go back and forth between crying tears like when you are so scared of something unexplainable, to that nervous laugh you can get when something is so creepy. I don't care that this thing is POTUS, I care that it even exists, on my planet!" another person added.

Trump might want to consider wearing hats more often when he’s out in a breeze. He might like keeping his thinning hair long and sculpted, but when it’s flapping in the wind, it’s not very flattering.  

Source: RawStory, The Guardian
Photo: YouTube

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