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Trump Says He's Not A Feminist: He's For Everyone

President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan for a broadcast that aired on Sunday. Among the topics of discussion, Trump was asked where he stands on feminist issues.

The president says he wouldn't call himself a feminist.

Thousands of people took part in women’s' marches across the country last weekend to mark the one-year anniversary of the Women's March on Washington. The massive 2017 march was in protest of President Trump's inauguration.

Due to how he notoriously treated and talked about women, and where he stood on women’s' issues, many third-wave feminists took to the streets to vent their frustration.

Morgan asked Trump if he considers himself a feminist, and the president answered, "No, I wouldn't say I'm a feminist.... That would be, maybe, going too far."

"I'm for women; I'm for men; I'm for everyone. I think people have to go out ... and they have to win," Trump added.

"And women are doing great, and I'm happy about that."

Trump brushed off the women’s' movement.

"You're always going to have marches," he said. "The march, I guess, was a lot smaller than it was last year."

The fact that Trump is not a feminist really comes as no surprise. Many modern feminist issues are a bit liberal leaning for the GOP president.

Protesting groups seek unrestricted access to abortions on demand, perpetuate the theory that there is a gender wage gap and rail against the status quo when it comes to sexually inappropriate behavior.

Trump's history, when it comes to women, is rather ghastly. He's bragged that because he's a celebrity he could kiss women or 'grab them by the p--sy' whenever he wants.

He's argued with women, calling them 'pigs' and 'bimbos'. His ex-wife alleged that he raped her when they were married.

Most recently, claims that the president had a long-term affair with a porn star that began just months after his wife, Melania, gave birth to the couple's son dominated the news. He's also been accused of sexual harassment or assault by more than a dozen women.

Regardless of what side of any issues Trump lies, his reputation has continued to stir anger in the #MeToo and #TimesUp age.

In addition to feminism, Morgan asked Trump about his Twitter usage. The president insists that he is in charge of his own Twitter feed.

He tweets the often-controversial remarks himself from his phone most of the time, "Perhaps in bed, perhaps sometimes at breakfast and lunch,"

He admits, "I also give it to people and sometimes I'll have, I had one case where a lawyer did a tweet."

Morgan attempted to get Trump to apologize for retweeting anti-Muslim propaganda created by a controversial nationalist British political group, but the POTUS wouldn't budge.

"I don't know who they are. I know nothing about them," Trump said.

"It was done because I am a big believer in fighting radical Islam terror, this was a depiction of radical Islamic terror."

He added, "If you're telling me they're horrible people, horrible racist people I would certainly apologize if you would like me to do that," Trump went on to say.

"I am the least racist person that anybody is going to meet. Certainly, I wasn't endorsing anybody."

Though the U.K. was furious with Trump over the Muslim video retweets, Trump says he still loves the U.K. He claims the U.S. and the U.K. have a good relationship, even with the controversies.

Trump adds that he has a good relationship with Prime Minister Theresa May.

"We actually have a very good relationship although a lot of people think we don't."

"I support her. I support a lot of what she does and a lot of what she says," he said.

"And I support you militarily very much. I mean, we will come to your defense if anything should happen, which hopefully will never happen,"

He said, "But I am a tremendous supporter of the UK."

Source: CNN, KIRO
Photo: Wikipedia, YouTube

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