Trump Caught On Hot Mic Promising To Release FISA Memo; Democrats Furious

At the State of the Union Speech on Tuesday night, most of the Democratic Party sat dressed in black, refusing to clap, smile or even nod. They looked more like they were attending a wake than a presidential address.

Afterwards, they criticized the president's speech, but there was one thing that Trump said that has really gotten under their skin. A hot mic caught the president on the way out of the Congressional chamber, and he told someone he planned '100 percent' to release the Nunes memo.

The Nunes memo is a four-page document prepared by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), that contains classified information. According to rumor, the memo shows proof that the FBI and the Department of Justice have abused their powers in order to conduct surveillance on President Donald Trump.

The document has been a major source of controversy since its existence was made public.

Republicans have called for release of the document in the name of transparency. Democrats have been against the release, claiming that the document going public would put national security at risk.

Some speculate that the contents of the document will cause Robert Mueller's Russia investigation to fall apart. A committee voted to release it, and it sits now on the desk of President Trump waiting for his decision of whether or not to release it. The president has five days to decide.

After the State of the Union Address, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.)  shook hands with Trump as he was making his way through the crowd. Duncan appealed to the president, saying, "Let's release the memo."

“Oh yeah, don't worry,” said Trump with a wave of the hand. “100 percent.”

Democrats and progressives have been spitting nails over the pending release of the memo. They've argued that it's nothing more than a collection of talking points, and without accompanying classified documents, which cannot be released, it will paint an inaccurate picture of what has happened.

"Without the classified source material, it's impossible for the American people to judge the veracity of the Nunes memo. Not releasing the minority memo shows the GOP isn't interested in transparency and only looking to control a narrative," wrote one person on Twitter in response to Duncan.

“You're exactly correct. Controlling the narrative and kissing Russia's butt is all Trump cares about.  When Trump couldn't borrow money any longer from any American banks Russia was his only benefactor,” added another person.

Those who want the memo released argue the opposite: that the Democratic party, the FBI and the DOJ are trying to quash the memo because it flies in the face of many of their accusations against the President.

“Any attempts by DOJ or others to stonewall #ReleaseTheMemo are not working: @realDonaldTrump
overheard saying he is '100 percent' behind releasing surveillance memo,” wrote one person.

“It is now time to #ReleaseTheMemo #WeThePeople are more than capable of handling the truth… We demand transparency and full accountability. In order to correct the problem is we must know what they are and who they are!” another wrote.

After the vote to release the memo passed, Democrats proposed releasing another memo prepared by their party to explain the Nunes memo. They felt the counter memo would shed more light on the situation. Voting along party lines, that initiative failed.

Whatever is in the memo, it’s unlikely that it will clear anything up. People working for the government, the media and voters seem to have already sided with party lines about whether or not the contents are relevant, and will likely stick to their side, regardless of what the memo reveals.  

Source: IJR
Photo: YouTube

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