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Social Media Explodes Over Trump’s Nickname For Bush

President Donald Trump has a way with words. How he does with those words is open to interpretation depending on political leanings, but he certainly knows how to spark a reaction.

The news cycle can be flipped upside down in a hurry based on the latest Trump utterance, and social media is there to pick up the slack for the ones that don’t move the needle. Such was the case with something that Trump said in passing the other day.

Before you knew it, social media was aflutter with folks analyzing what he had to say.

As Aol shares, Trump was delivering some remarks during an impromptu press conference on Monday, and he made reference to his most recent predecessors by rattling off their names.    

“Bush…Obama…Clinton,” he said, adding “Bush original.”

It’s a slightly unusual way to refer to the 41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush, but it was really nothing more than a simple slip of the tongue. However, the world of social media wasn’t going to let the opportunity to provide some commentary on Trump to slip on by.  

"Omg Trump literally just named the last few presidents as ‘Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bush…. Bush Original," shared one user.

“Just heard Trump say ‘Bush Original’ in reference to George H.W. Bush…awesome," added another commenter.

Not all users would concur with that sentiment. Reaction was mixed on Trump’s little faux pas, and some users really pushed the envelope.

"#Trump could not think of the word ‘senior’ and therefore called George Bush ‘George Bush….original’. I’d laugh if I wasn’t so terrified," wrote one user.

It’s a little terrifying that the user was so terrified by a simple phrase, but other users were pretty pleased with the name that Trump had bestowed on one of his predecessors.  

"Trump just referred to George Bush as ‘Bush Original’ and it was definitely in my top 5 favorite things he’s ever said," added another commenter.

As always, there were some users that demonstrated they have quite the imagination.   

“Trump calls George H. W. Bush, ‘Original’ Bush, leading me to wonder – Does this make George W. Bush the ‘Extra Crispy’ version?” said one user.

Such is life in the Trump era, but thankfully this one was along the lines of a humorous aside. While some folks went way overboard with this one, we’ll chalk this one up as just a simple flub.

Those that constantly speak in public will make them from time to time, but they become exacerbated into big deals when we’re speaking about someone that’s so high profile. Trump obviously fits in that category, as observers hang on his every word.  

For those that choose to go overboard with even the simple ones like this, we would advise spending some time researching the familiar stories of the boy that cried wolf, or of that annoying chicken that kept swearing the sky was going to fall at any second.

As both of the main characters in those timeless classics can attest, folks won’t listen to what you have to say when you develop a rep for spouting off at the mouth willy nilly.   

Source: AOL
Photo: YouTube

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