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Scaramucci Compares Reporter To Linda Tripp, Instantly Regrets It

If you’re speaking with a reporter, you need to be crystal clear about what’s on the record versus what’s off the record. A failure to do that means that everything is fair game, and reporters will gleefully rush to print salacious tidbits that their interview subjects don’t flag. Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci learned that lesson the hard way. Scaramucci’s crash-and-burn routine is already the stuff of legend in political circles.

As Fox News Insider shares, Scaramucci has obviously had a lot to wrap his head around of late, but it sounds like he’s clear on one thing. He feels that the reporter in question, New Yorker journalist Ryan Lizza, is in the wrong here. In fact, he’s taken to social media to share that thought with the world, and he used an interesting analogy to drive his point home.

"Ryan Lizza is the Linda Tripp of 2017. People know. And he is up at night not being able to live with himself," he wrote.

Tripp rose to fame during the scandal engulfing former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The Pentagon staffer turned over tapes of conversations she had with Lewinsky to independent counsel Ken Starr, who was poking around the various alleged wrongdoings that were surrounding Clinton at the time. Lewinsky had no idea the conversations would be turned over, and it’s long been speculated that Tripp made the move to seek immunity.

While there’s nothing to suggest that Lizza would need immunity from anything, Scaramucci’s implication was pretty clear. He provided some clarity for a user that called him out for his assertion.

“Yes. He absolutely taped the call without my permission,” he wrote.

Why Scaramucci felt the need to vent on social media remains incredibly unclear, but users hopped onboard and enjoyed having a field day at his expense.

“LOL of the day. If @RyanLizza is Linda Tripp, you know who that makes you, right?” shared one user.

“Following @Scaramucci's analogy, that clearly makes him Monica Lewinsky. What's he trying to tell us about his relationship with Trump?” added another commenter.

“You called a reporter. Commented on the record. D.C. has one-party consent for recording calls. Your argument is worse than your analogies,” chimed in another user.

“Monica Lewinsky's tenure at the White House was 27 times longer than Anthony Scaramucci's,” shared one commenter.

From afar, it’s easy to look at what Lizza did and come away with the impression that it’s incredibly bad form. However, that’s apparently par for the course in political circles. While it may seem incredibly sleazy to normal folks that what they think are private conversations can potentially be exposed to the world, all those connected in political circles are playing by the same rules.

As such, it’s a really good idea to not say things that can easily be interpreted to make you look bad. In Scaramucci’s case, there was no interpretation necessary. He completely went off the rails during his conversation with Lizza, but he forgot to include the ‘off the record’ part. We would imagine folks in political circles won’t be rushing to have heart-to-heart chats with Lizza anytime soon, and we can safely assume that Scaramucci is holding a grudge.

Source: Fox News Insider, HuffPost
Photo: YouTube

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