Rubio Accuses Obama of Trying to Take Away Americans’ Guns

President Obama would like to confiscate citizens’ guns, according to Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio.

“If he could, he would,” the Florida senator declared Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” according to The Hill. The show’s host, George Stephanopoulos, challenged the candidate to prove his point by citing an Obama proposal to take away people’s firearms. Rubio replied that actions like the president’s recent executive orders on gun control “infringe on the Second Amendment.”

“There’s a terrorist attack in San Bernardino; before even the facts are known, he immediately jumps and says, we need gun control,” the senator said. Stephanopoulos then asked, “But take away our guns?” Rubio shot back: “That is what he always resorts to. Obviously, he knows he’s contained by the Second Amendment so what he tries to do is chip away at it every chance he gets. … He is trying to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens by continuing to put new restrictions on our guns.”

Obama’s executive orders fall far short of confiscation. They include expanded background checks of gun buyers, a requirement that all gun dealers hold a federal license, more mental-health treatment, better enforcement of existing gun-control laws, and technology to make firearms safer and easier to track.

Photo: Red State

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