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Prince Harry's Hand Gesture In Photo With Melania Sparks Outrage

Melania Trump made her first solo international trip representing her country as first lady this week. She attended the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, and met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Britain's Prince Harry.

The meeting with Trudeau and his family seemed to go well, while the meeting with Prince Harry was tense, at best. People on the internet couldn't help but notice a very odd thing that Harry did with his hand.

Mrs. Trump had a very busy day in Canada, and that seemed to get off without a hitch. She attended the opening ceremony of the Paralympic-style games created by the prince in 2014. Harry, the youngest son of Prince Charles and his ex-wife, the late Princess Diana, started the competition for wounded veterans who, as he puts it, 'refuse to be defined by their injuries'.

"The Invictus Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women," says the Invictus Games website.

An awkward moment occurred when Harry and Melania stepped up to each other looking extremely nervous. The two shook hands and then stood in a very tense pose. Harry slipped two fingers inside his suit jacket, leaving his pointer and pinky fingers out.

Many have wondered if the hand signal was more than just a coincidence. It remarkably resembled the 'devil's horns' hand symbol that some people believe wards off evil.

"Prince Harry meeting FLOTUS and making devil hand sign. Is that a Hi Donald, or I'm Here So I Won't Get Fined?" commented journalist Karen DaltonBeninato on Twitter.

Some suggested Harry was merely trying to ward off the evil of the Trump family. "Gotta love Prince Harry trolling Melania Trump. The use of a hand gesture to ward off evil. America loves you Prince Harry!"

For some conspiracy theorists, it was a sure sign that the Trumps and the royal family are in cahoots together in some satanic bid to take over the world.

"Maybe people should start questioning why Prince Harry flashed a Satanic hand symbol during his meeting w/ Melania Trump. Strange!" said one person.

Videos on YouTube are already springing up connecting the Trumps and the royal family to the ‘Illuminati’, the group of elites who are allegedly Satan’s minions and controlling the world in politics and entertainment.

Melania and Harry, both known for shying away a bit from crowds, stood dutifully for the photo ops, then sat down as photographers snapped away. Later in the day, however, when they sat next to each other and watched the games, they both seemed to relax a little bit.

Melania also met with the Canadian Prime Minister, his wife and family, who she's met before. The reunion was much more relaxed, and Melania seemed relieved to meet with familiar faces. The Prime Minister and his wife, Sophie, welcomed the FLOTUS with open arms.

Melania then greeted the couple's two children.

Source: AOL, CNN
Photo: YouTube

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