Potential Presidential Candidate Ben Carson on Extremist Watch

The American civil rights group that was specifically founded for fighting the Ku Klux Klan has now turned their attention for the only potential presidential candidate for 2016 who is African American. This is due to the fact he opposes gay marriage.

Ben Carson, Republican, and world-class retired pediatric neurosurgeon, has now been placed on the list of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website where which is called “Extremist Watch.” Others on this list include Klansmen, skinheads and neo-Nazis. Carson made a statement that this characterization is actually “projectionist and ignorant.”

When Carson was asked if he believed the SPLC is crooked, he replied “definitely.” He also stated that he finds it ironic that he is being classified as a hater when his entire professional career was spend saving other’s lives. Carson went on to talk about the programs he has started and endowed and said that just because he does not share the same belief about marriage, he is being labeled a hater.

Initial attention was turned to Carson in 2013 he criticized President Obama from just a few feet away during the National Prayer Breakfast by stating that Obamacare was the worst thing to happen to the country since slavery.

Carson’s view of same-sex unions has definitely placed him in the hot seat and it may endanger his chances that he would emerge as a strong presidential contender. However, he continues to state his intentions of running as a candidate, hoping that voters will see the truth about this organization.

Photo Credit: caffeinatedthoughts.com

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