Pelosi's Son Partied With The Trumps On New Year's Eve

When it’s the holiday season, bygones can quickly become bygones. There’s simply no need for any excess drama during the most wonderful time of the year, and that can lead to even the strangest bedfellows keeping each other company.

Observers that know there’s some drama behind the scenes know not to poke the bear, as there’s simply no need to cause a scene while everyone is enjoying themselves. Despite that, plenty of folks can’t seem to get the elephant in the room off of their mind when they come across a rather strange scene.

We would imagine some of the folks that were tripping the lights fantastic at Mar-A-Lago on New Year’s Eve found themselves doing a bit of a double take when they realized who was in their midst. As Fox News Insider shares, Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, was smiling pretty broadly as he posed for a picture with First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

Pelosi Jr. didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that he was there. In fact, he would share the snap himself on social media.

"May 2018 be filled with #love, #health, and #everythingyoueverdreamed," he wrote.

That’s an outstanding sentiment, and it’s good to see that there doesn’t appear to be any drama on the part of the Pelosi’s son. That said, questions abound as to what he was doing there in the first place.

It’s no secret that his mother is a consistent foil of President Donald Trump, and she has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t care all that much for the commander-in-chief or his policies.

On the other hand, she has played nice at certain times. There have been photo ops of the two rivals coming together for meetings in the White House, and there was no sign of daggers being tossed while they were in the same room.

So how can they pull that off when they consistently bash each other on camera? It’s tough to say exactly how they can make it look so easy, but there is a theatrical component to politics that captures a ton of attention.

Part of that theatrics is the non-stop rhetoric that politicians seem to believe rallies their base and supporters. While that may be the case to an extent, the over-the-top theatrics also rubs a ton of folks the wrong way.

Constantly throwing shade back and forth doesn’t equate to a productive work environment, and it’s rather tough to flip the proverbial switch once shots have been fired.

Nonetheless, many politicians manage to do it with ease, and that can lead close observers to question the sincerity of their words. While the fire and brimstone routines may make the press and hardcore supporters go gaga, it’s hard to take it at face value once you see them hamming it up with rivals.

So what in the world was Pelosi Jr. doing there anyway? That remains unclear, but his sister, Democratic strategist Christine Pelosi, doesn’t seem to be all that taken aback by his appearance at the so-called Winter White House.

"He is just an adventuring guy. Maybe he had a golf game," she said.

Maybe, or perhaps he just heard there was an awesome party going on over at the crib of POTUS and decided to check it out. Regardless, Happy New Year to both the Trumps and the Pelosis, and our sincere wishes for a markedly less dramatic 2018.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Paul Pelosi Jr/Instagram, YouTube

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